Saturday, July 4, 2009

Fun Times

So... Long time no blog. Everything is fine here in my land. E is good... Work is good...

I have bad luck, as some people may know. Bud luck hasn't struck me in two weeks! Knock on wood. I am so happy, but now I am walking and then I get panic-y and think... Oh shit... I'm gonna fall. I am going to trip... I am waiting for the bad things to happen now instead of focusing on the good. I promised myself to never wait for bad things... but I can't stop...

Really tomorrow is gonna be... cut my leg shaveing, fall down the stairs, trip getting in and out of the car, spill coffee on the files at work (i refuse to fantisize about not havein coffee at work... that is just toooo bad.) get more than 1 papercut, have a cart hit my car, trip walking back inside.. It is gonna be bad when my luck goes bad again.

:) Well C U.

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