Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Long time... No C

Howdy, dudes and dudettes. Recently Life Stuff, has sucked me into it's huge ass vaccume bag and I was stuck with all of the dust and bunnies. I was trapped! I could do nothing to get out! I was hostage!!!
Really, I have been working my ass off. I have a full time secretary job. It shitty. I work 38 hours offically. and another 10 or 15 to keep shit up to date. It took me 2 weeks to get it up dated. NOW I have to put the rest on the damn puter. He has a Linex system so it isn't THAT hard, just boreing.
Tattoo is fuckin' awesome. Thanks Paul. I effin' love it!
Ummm... EEkkk... With the writing I have been doing for Nate's band. Yeah did I mention that? So, I am writing the lyrics for Nathan's band. He got our guys back together to screw around with the instruments in the gay-raje.... yea sorry. So anyways. I write lyrics either to music, or to music I make up in my head. Right? Then I give the guys my thoughts and they Jam. Yesterday, Nathen asked if I would sing with them at my awesome small town battle of bands. yeah I know. I am going to. It will be great! But I don't have time!!!
I might passibly need help pickin' the song we do... It has to be original. So, good thing I rock at Verbose-ness? is that even a word? Well now it is... and I rock at it!
;) Yeah boy. No, umm. The Fam is great... Except... Sisters baby daddy gave me whatever coughing sore throat can't talk normal sickness he had... Stupid AssClown... I HATE YOU FUCKER! Also, while we are speaking of him, I will NOT be cutting him into small peices and selling them on the black market to pay for my hosptial and doctor bills... if any 1 is interested...(Healthy,white,20,male,stupid,nosmoke,nodrink,nodrug...prices debateable. Call Me (210-****)

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  1. lol sorry you've been so uber busy chica! Hang in there! ;)