Monday, June 22, 2009


Yeah. So today I really have the day off. Completely! I woke up at 5 to get ready for work... then I realized... I don't have to work today! Lol. E has been awesome today too. He made me breakfast in bed (After I woke him up at 9 oclock because I was bored.) Then we went to Wal-mart (After I said it was to f n hot to stay at the house all day) Then we went to Menards... (Because this building also has air conditioning I agreed) Then we spent some(meaning lots) of time at Book-A-Million... I bought 4 books... I don't remember what they were... I couldn't find the first book in the Persy Jackson and the Olypian series, so I didn't get those... We went to see a Movie Hangover... (I loved it E hated it) Then we had Din-Din at Cheeseburger in Paradice... I had Chicken strips... Simplicity! Then we got home, and now I am dieing of heat stroke because my step dad won't buck up and call the heating and cooling people, or let me c the damn thing!!

Also, there is a new series on NBC called The Listener... It's about a guy named Toby Logan. He can read peoples thoughts, and he uses them to help them. Just watch it... "Twilight" Keeps jumping out at me when I watch it. The lead is super hot. He is very Edward-like. I Have no idea why it says Twilight to me, maybe I am just over obsessed, and I relate everything to Twilight. But the way this guy hears thoughts, and if you listen you hear Twilight names like Cullen... Yeah I know, common. And the Detectives name is Charlie Marks... She is awesome BTW. I don't know... It's on Hulu, or the NBC website. You can watch full Episodes there. It on NBC on Thursdays.

Does Anyone watch Harpers Island? I love it. Every 1 gets mad b/c I am always right about who dies. I am no longer aloud to speak my theroys about it because "I spoil the show" ... I can't even say who the Killer is.... That little girl is creepy as hell. She is so sadistic! Ung... And the guy who... wait... I don't want to die so... I won't.

In Plain Sight... I always fucking miss it on sundays so I wait an extra week, and watch it online.

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