Sunday, June 21, 2009

Holy crap... Gues what I bought?!?!?!??!?!

OKAY! Yesterday I went to get Fathers Day prestents... Yay me right? Well I was walking down the 'Card' isle... which is really the book isle. I LOVE BOOKS. A lot.

ANY WAY?!?!???! I totally saw Finger lickin' Fifteen, the newest by Janet Evanovich. It isn't supposed to be out untill the 23rd. I told the staff. they took the books off the shelves and the manager came up to me at check out and handed me the book. I was like.. OMG. My brother and Eric laughed at me because I was happy and excited... I hugged like 3 people on my way out of the store. I read the book so fast i think I gave my boy whip lash cuz on minute I am running up the stairs and locking myself in our OVEN-room to read the next I am whippin out dinner then reading it AGAIN!

If you guys haven't read the Janet Evanovich Numbers Series... You should.
There are 14 (15 comes out the 23rd) books in this series. PLUS 4 Between the Numbers novels.

One for the Money. Two for the Dough. Three to get deadly. Four to Score. High Five. Hot Six. Seven Up. Heard Eight. To the Nines. Ten big Ones. Eleven on Top. Twelve Sharpe. Lean Mean Thirteen. Fearless Fourteen. Finger Lickin' Fifteen.
Visions of Sugar Plums. Plum Lovin'. Plum Lucky. Plum Spooky.

Read them. Love Them.

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  1. That was really sweet that the Manager gave it to you to purchase. I really hope the store doesn't get fined for selling a book before the intended release date though. lol Thats a heafty fine as far as I know. ;)