Monday, June 22, 2009


Yeah. So today I really have the day off. Completely! I woke up at 5 to get ready for work... then I realized... I don't have to work today! Lol. E has been awesome today too. He made me breakfast in bed (After I woke him up at 9 oclock because I was bored.) Then we went to Wal-mart (After I said it was to f n hot to stay at the house all day) Then we went to Menards... (Because this building also has air conditioning I agreed) Then we spent some(meaning lots) of time at Book-A-Million... I bought 4 books... I don't remember what they were... I couldn't find the first book in the Persy Jackson and the Olypian series, so I didn't get those... We went to see a Movie Hangover... (I loved it E hated it) Then we had Din-Din at Cheeseburger in Paradice... I had Chicken strips... Simplicity! Then we got home, and now I am dieing of heat stroke because my step dad won't buck up and call the heating and cooling people, or let me c the damn thing!!

Also, there is a new series on NBC called The Listener... It's about a guy named Toby Logan. He can read peoples thoughts, and he uses them to help them. Just watch it... "Twilight" Keeps jumping out at me when I watch it. The lead is super hot. He is very Edward-like. I Have no idea why it says Twilight to me, maybe I am just over obsessed, and I relate everything to Twilight. But the way this guy hears thoughts, and if you listen you hear Twilight names like Cullen... Yeah I know, common. And the Detectives name is Charlie Marks... She is awesome BTW. I don't know... It's on Hulu, or the NBC website. You can watch full Episodes there. It on NBC on Thursdays.

Does Anyone watch Harpers Island? I love it. Every 1 gets mad b/c I am always right about who dies. I am no longer aloud to speak my theroys about it because "I spoil the show" ... I can't even say who the Killer is.... That little girl is creepy as hell. She is so sadistic! Ung... And the guy who... wait... I don't want to die so... I won't.

In Plain Sight... I always fucking miss it on sundays so I wait an extra week, and watch it online.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Holy crap... Gues what I bought?!?!?!??!?!

OKAY! Yesterday I went to get Fathers Day prestents... Yay me right? Well I was walking down the 'Card' isle... which is really the book isle. I LOVE BOOKS. A lot.

ANY WAY?!?!???! I totally saw Finger lickin' Fifteen, the newest by Janet Evanovich. It isn't supposed to be out untill the 23rd. I told the staff. they took the books off the shelves and the manager came up to me at check out and handed me the book. I was like.. OMG. My brother and Eric laughed at me because I was happy and excited... I hugged like 3 people on my way out of the store. I read the book so fast i think I gave my boy whip lash cuz on minute I am running up the stairs and locking myself in our OVEN-room to read the next I am whippin out dinner then reading it AGAIN!

If you guys haven't read the Janet Evanovich Numbers Series... You should.
There are 14 (15 comes out the 23rd) books in this series. PLUS 4 Between the Numbers novels.

One for the Money. Two for the Dough. Three to get deadly. Four to Score. High Five. Hot Six. Seven Up. Heard Eight. To the Nines. Ten big Ones. Eleven on Top. Twelve Sharpe. Lean Mean Thirteen. Fearless Fourteen. Finger Lickin' Fifteen.
Visions of Sugar Plums. Plum Lovin'. Plum Lucky. Plum Spooky.

Read them. Love Them.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Long time... No C

Howdy, dudes and dudettes. Recently Life Stuff, has sucked me into it's huge ass vaccume bag and I was stuck with all of the dust and bunnies. I was trapped! I could do nothing to get out! I was hostage!!!
Really, I have been working my ass off. I have a full time secretary job. It shitty. I work 38 hours offically. and another 10 or 15 to keep shit up to date. It took me 2 weeks to get it up dated. NOW I have to put the rest on the damn puter. He has a Linex system so it isn't THAT hard, just boreing.
Tattoo is fuckin' awesome. Thanks Paul. I effin' love it!
Ummm... EEkkk... With the writing I have been doing for Nate's band. Yeah did I mention that? So, I am writing the lyrics for Nathan's band. He got our guys back together to screw around with the instruments in the gay-raje.... yea sorry. So anyways. I write lyrics either to music, or to music I make up in my head. Right? Then I give the guys my thoughts and they Jam. Yesterday, Nathen asked if I would sing with them at my awesome small town battle of bands. yeah I know. I am going to. It will be great! But I don't have time!!!
I might passibly need help pickin' the song we do... It has to be original. So, good thing I rock at Verbose-ness? is that even a word? Well now it is... and I rock at it!
;) Yeah boy. No, umm. The Fam is great... Except... Sisters baby daddy gave me whatever coughing sore throat can't talk normal sickness he had... Stupid AssClown... I HATE YOU FUCKER! Also, while we are speaking of him, I will NOT be cutting him into small peices and selling them on the black market to pay for my hosptial and doctor bills... if any 1 is interested...(Healthy,white,20,male,stupid,nosmoke,nodrink,nodrug...prices debateable. Call Me (210-****)

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Howdy!!!! Ohhhh.

Guess what? I am going to get a tattoo! :)
Either This pic of Sally from the Nightmare before Christmas.

Or this one. This is my top pick. I want her under my left shoulder blade.
I think I will LOVE it.
All I have to do now is talk E into getting Jack.
I may end up just getting a qutot from Wurthering Heights, or "Viva la bella vida"
But who knows.