Sunday, May 10, 2009


Before I leave for the trip to Mikkiey's Grave, Creek is treating me to a modified Holiday. It is Mother Figure Day. Since Charrley isn't really my son. But I am the Mother Figure in his life. So Charrley and Creek are pampering me today. I get to go have a meal over at Creeks made by Creek and Charrley. I get to take Char to the park. I just get to have fun today. Apparently It is all about Lie. Charrley and Creek planned the whole day out.

Breakfast in bed.
Walk in the woods.
Play time.
Relaxin' in the overcast outside.
Fun with Charrley.
Cake. and Icecream.
Relaxin in bed Watching In Plain Sight.
Sleep Over with Creek and Charrley.

I am so Happy. LUV U GUYS! Hope your Mother's Day was fan-fucing-tabulous.!!!!!!!

Happy Modified Mother Figures Day!!!

Peace Love Hearts and > me.. LIES

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