Saturday, May 2, 2009


lol. It was just to good to pass up, sorry.

So, today, well Saturday, was the last Show we did for Clay Community Theater's A Salute to Broadway! I think we did really well. I feel like we worked on this FOREVER!!! Lol. I made some great new friends there, and can't wait till September, when we start the next show. :)

The Cast Party was fun, I got to answer some hard questions about my past, but did so willingly. Even though I think my emotions went into SLEEP MODE... :) Luv U Ash, it really did help to talk about it. :) I got home around Midnight. It is 12 50 now, ON TO TODAYS DEBATE

So umm, the Title for this blog entry is inspired by my lovely boyfriend. We were talking in the van on the way home, and he screamed... REALLY SCREAMED... like he was in pain. There was a daddy long leg on the OUTSIDE of his window. I am dateing a whimp, what if there is a terantula between me and him and I am in danger, or hurt? Would he expect me to just get up kill the spider then re-enter my pain or near death expiriance? I mean a pause button for life would rock, but really?

We were in my room, and we were silently fighting about what TV show we were going to watch on HULU first. I wanted to watch Dollhouse. I didn't get to see last weeks Episode though so my choice was a two hour commitment, and he wanted to watch Numbers. I do love Numbers, I can't get enough of Bernard... I mean Charly... Lol (Their is a great movie... The Santa Claus) We ended up watching Dollhouse, because we agreed that Elisha Dushku was hotter then Elfie.... (I olny said it to get him to watch Dollhouse, though Miss Dushku is a VERY attractive woman... Really though Charly is to short for me...)

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