Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Frick Yeah

Okay, so My Mother doesn't want me to see my sister or neice. She keeps makeing up excusess like "You're to sick" "I need help" "Maybe tomorrow" "Clean up first"
To get to my sisters house it is a little less than a 2 mile walk... Not far. I run farther in the mornings, Well not since LAST WEDNESDAY! I am not allowed to go for a frickin' jog! I mean come on... My Boyfriend sleeps in my fucking room every night, but I can't walk 2 fucking miles and play with a baby? WTF? Does she think being with the baby will cause a lapse in my desicion makeing skills and then I would end up with a baby? Jesus... I don't want a baby... not now at least, I just want to play with the baby!!!

My Step Dad thinks I am sneaking around with my sisters Boyfriend. He is waiting for shit to hit the fan. Well let me say this... If I do not get to play with Samantha Renee TODAY! Shit will really hit the fucking fan!!!

For serious...

Yeah The First Offical New Moon poster!!! I don't have it... Sorry. It is awesome though.


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