Sunday, May 31, 2009

Oh god.

AHHHHHHHHHH! Seriuosly... I am a loser... That fucking rocked! the clip AHHHHHHHHHH!

Alright... they showed ded the wolf transformation and it looked fucking great!!! AHHH Jasper broke Edwards Piano... AND Edi's Contact's fuckin' rocked! AHHHHHHHHHHHH! okay this Ben Stiller this is funny. The whole show is kind of... Umm... questionable... I can't stand Zac Effron... Bye Eric is bitching because he feels like a loser watching this show alone...
Oh and earlier, the Jizz song... Seriously?

AND! The golden suit wareing Popcorn Man scared the ever loveing shit out of me...

New Moon, New Moon, New new new new NEW MOON!

Okay... has anyone ever been UBER excited? I am. right now. I think I could give shopping Alice a run for her money in the excitment department... HAHA see department... shopping.

Anyway, So I hope you've at least heard about the New Moon set pics. Yeah their hot. I saw them on youtube. :) Happy Mee... I am also hopeing that you heard about the New Moon sneek peek during the MTV Movie Awards. :) Hmmm... yeah.

I am SOOOOOOOOO scatterbrained right now... I made Fajita's for Din-din. :) They totally rocked. Eric is being REALLY dumb right now. He's like "Calm Down. Your going to hurt yourself." and I can't... Seriously. I am shakeing from all the adrinaline... It sucks... I can't sit still..... OHHHHHHHHHHHH

Yeah, so ever had a panic attack? Ever had one in the MALL? Holy God that shit sucks ass... Some random dude walk up to me and he wrapped his arms around my waist and said some icky shit about his bed in my ear... I elbowed him in the tummy then hit his instep.... Then I kick him inn the balls, and after I talked to the Mall Security, I walked into a toy shop to get my neice yet another giraffe... THEN E came up to me and gave me a hug, then this couple was fighting and I flipped... Shit hit the fan... The dude was all over this obviously prego lady and I kicked the back of his knee and the chick hurrled herself at me!!! For serious... I remember fighting to not fight back, and when the same security gaurds pulled her off me I just curlled up in the fetal position... It wasn't an all out panic attack, but damn...

Peace Love Hearts and me.. > LIES

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Wide Awake?

When is the new chapter comming? I am going to DIE if I don't know soon.


Anyways. I went to see my neice and Sister yesterday. :) So frickin cute.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Frick Yeah

Okay, so My Mother doesn't want me to see my sister or neice. She keeps makeing up excusess like "You're to sick" "I need help" "Maybe tomorrow" "Clean up first"
To get to my sisters house it is a little less than a 2 mile walk... Not far. I run farther in the mornings, Well not since LAST WEDNESDAY! I am not allowed to go for a frickin' jog! I mean come on... My Boyfriend sleeps in my fucking room every night, but I can't walk 2 fucking miles and play with a baby? WTF? Does she think being with the baby will cause a lapse in my desicion makeing skills and then I would end up with a baby? Jesus... I don't want a baby... not now at least, I just want to play with the baby!!!

My Step Dad thinks I am sneaking around with my sisters Boyfriend. He is waiting for shit to hit the fan. Well let me say this... If I do not get to play with Samantha Renee TODAY! Shit will really hit the fucking fan!!!

For serious...

Yeah The First Offical New Moon poster!!! I don't have it... Sorry. It is awesome though.


Wednesday, May 13, 2009

HOME! Cha-yah. 9 oh effing 5


Alright!! Holy GOD! One of my sisters had her baby today!!! Samantha Renee' ... She is sooooo cute... It was so awesome, I was in the Room, with her friend and her Boyfriend! GAH! Lol...
Eric got delayed and didn't get home til today. Which sucked, because I was at the Hospital with me sista' and He was at home... Til after the Baby was born, at 9:05 pm... He got there at about 9:30. It was great to see him, even if it was only a few days, it freakin' sucked. Right now, Eric is working on putting in a wooden floor, at midnight!!!! Holy Fuck, It sucks, I think my Step dad and Uncle have talked to him more than me...
I was going to stay at the hospital, because Eric wasn't gonna get back until tomorrow, and I probably would have slept on one of those lil' fold out couch/bed/sofa things with My sisters Boyfriend, but I decided to come home and go back tomorrow morning with My friend. Eric is apparently working on the floor tomorrow also.

Well The sweetness that is My Neice was born at 9:05 PM. She weighed 7 and a half pounds. She has Daddy's Eyes, and nose, and toes, and cheeks, Everything else is her own, cept her face is shaped like Mommys'. SO FREAKIN' CUTE!

Oh, yeah my sisters Boyfriend ralphed all over me. My pants my shoes. Yeah, I had to wear aqua smurf clothes. I WAS AN AQUA SMURF!!! NOOOOOOOOOOO!!! Icky too. He ate KFC, and McDonalds... It was ICKY!!!

Sunday, May 10, 2009


Before I leave for the trip to Mikkiey's Grave, Creek is treating me to a modified Holiday. It is Mother Figure Day. Since Charrley isn't really my son. But I am the Mother Figure in his life. So Charrley and Creek are pampering me today. I get to go have a meal over at Creeks made by Creek and Charrley. I get to take Char to the park. I just get to have fun today. Apparently It is all about Lie. Charrley and Creek planned the whole day out.

Breakfast in bed.
Walk in the woods.
Play time.
Relaxin' in the overcast outside.
Fun with Charrley.
Cake. and Icecream.
Relaxin in bed Watching In Plain Sight.
Sleep Over with Creek and Charrley.

I am so Happy. LUV U GUYS! Hope your Mother's Day was fan-fucing-tabulous.!!!!!!!

Happy Modified Mother Figures Day!!!

Peace Love Hearts and > me.. LIES

-----P. S.-----Check out my FF. PLZ? Tell me what you think. I'll Never Let Go. What would make it Better? Does it Suck? Just tell me what you think, here or there.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Sadness and sleepy

Alrighty. I can't sleep alone. Weird right? I mean, first it wasn't a big deal to cuddle now I can't fucking sleep know Eric is not here. It's been about 30 hours since he left. I was awake for another 24 before that. 54 hours... more than 2 days!!! I am dead on my feet.

So today I wrote like 40 pages of absolute crap for the damned story I have been writing for freaking EVER! I also put up a new chapter for the FF I am writting. I don't know why I am writting Fan Fiction. I just decided I wanted to. It's Eric's fault. I blame him.

Also I feel icky because Tomorrow I have to go to Ohio. I am going to go to my Best Friends grave for the first time. It's like a 6 hour drive. I am going alone. I think that is the best way to do it. No need to shove my sorrow on others right? I am actually really nervous. See since the day he died Every thursday (We met on a thursday, we would always do something special) I have a single black rose delivered to his grave stone. He sent me one before he died with a letter, that I will never read. :' I know that the entire thing is just going to be one huge trigger, which will be SOO MUCH FUCKING FUN, but I have to. I have to see him. My friend Nate is going to be there for me. He left a week ago to see his parents. He and I paid for Mik's funeral, because if Mik's dad did he would never forgive me, or Nathan. lol. Well let's just say, good fucking thing nate and I can crank out some lyrics and music. So Nate stayed there and set up all the stuff and picked out what was what, and I picked his grave stone, and the words going on it... Fucking Nightmare. > 'Loving Father, Brother, Friend.' then underneith that is a quote from Romeo and Juliet, from Romeo. 'He jests at scars that never felt a wound' It means 'One that laughs at scars, because he has never felt the pain of the wounds that caused them' It seemed fitting because he thought his death would stop the pain... Wrong Motherfucker! and under that are his last words 'For You'

Peace Love Hearts and > me.. LIES - Sleep Now. Night.

Friday, May 8, 2009

.... I really don't know why

Alright, Eric is leaving for 4 days... His sister is getting married. YAY!!!! CONGRATS BABE!

I am not going. Boo Me. I am staying home because one of my prego sisters is going to have her baby any time. ANYTIME! I am annoyed, but we've had a pact for a few years. We would be together when either of us had a baby. ...So I am going to be at a hospital, with my sister breaking my knuckels because I lost a game of Rock Paper Siccsors with Her Boyfriend and I have to hold her hand... I get a cast off, I'll get another one on. She had a hugely LOW pain tollerance... How in the hell is she going to give birth? I mean, she can't even get a papercut without screaming and crying in pain. ..............................................................................................

I can't wait to be an Aunt again though, Baby Samantha Renee' Get you happy ass out of my sisters uterus.... lol

I am writing a Fan Fiction over at It kindof sucks. I have a Preface and 1 Chapter up. Mature Audiences Mostly! (CLICK HERE TO SEE IT) It is BellaxEdward...

Eddie and Bellie have sad broken pasts, and they help each other. It get's better I swear. Bella has a dirty mouth and a dirty mind, and Edward hasn't really talked much since he was put in foster care. He talks to Bella though, and she peices together the truth about why Edward is the way he is.... Yeah....

So freakin' LOST

... Alright, so lests say I 'borrowed' JJ Abrams for a few hours. Could he really have me arrested? I just HAVE TO KNOW what happens in LOST! OMFPEC!!!!!!!! I AM DIE'N! Do you think he would tell me what happens? Maybe I could tie him up? Eric doesn't approve.

And Fringe... Seriously where did scarry bald guy observer take Walter? I LOVE WALTER!

CRIMINAL MINDS... It ROCKED! and only leaves Cliff Hangers for maybe a Season Break... NOT 5 YEARS!!! I have a solid theroy on LOST, but who knows?


So, As some of you may know, The new Harry Potter Movie (Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince) comes out in 70 DAYS!!! New Moon Comes out just a few months Later. Then Eclipse. :) Then the first half of HP and the Deathly Hallows.... Then the second... And sometime in the first half of next year The Harry Potter theme park will open... I am going. I have to go. I will die if I don't. I NEED IT! LOL Harry Potter isn't the same as Twilight, but It's news right?

Saturday, May 2, 2009


lol. It was just to good to pass up, sorry.

So, today, well Saturday, was the last Show we did for Clay Community Theater's A Salute to Broadway! I think we did really well. I feel like we worked on this FOREVER!!! Lol. I made some great new friends there, and can't wait till September, when we start the next show. :)

The Cast Party was fun, I got to answer some hard questions about my past, but did so willingly. Even though I think my emotions went into SLEEP MODE... :) Luv U Ash, it really did help to talk about it. :) I got home around Midnight. It is 12 50 now, ON TO TODAYS DEBATE

So umm, the Title for this blog entry is inspired by my lovely boyfriend. We were talking in the van on the way home, and he screamed... REALLY SCREAMED... like he was in pain. There was a daddy long leg on the OUTSIDE of his window. I am dateing a whimp, what if there is a terantula between me and him and I am in danger, or hurt? Would he expect me to just get up kill the spider then re-enter my pain or near death expiriance? I mean a pause button for life would rock, but really?

We were in my room, and we were silently fighting about what TV show we were going to watch on HULU first. I wanted to watch Dollhouse. I didn't get to see last weeks Episode though so my choice was a two hour commitment, and he wanted to watch Numbers. I do love Numbers, I can't get enough of Bernard... I mean Charly... Lol (Their is a great movie... The Santa Claus) We ended up watching Dollhouse, because we agreed that Elisha Dushku was hotter then Elfie.... (I olny said it to get him to watch Dollhouse, though Miss Dushku is a VERY attractive woman... Really though Charly is to short for me...)