Thursday, April 23, 2009

:) Yup thats because I rock! (T- Language)

Wanna know how I first met Eric? Check it out on his blog. Which is mostly about me or Him and I. LOVE YOU ALL!

Yeah, I do I really really ROCK! I am The Master of Disaster. Why, one may ask? Well I would like to know who your asking because I would like to ask him a question myself. WHY THE FUCK ME? Every one has a 'why the fuck me' moment. I had mine today. And "Every other freaking day of my life." -Yup I quoted shaggy right there.

Well my day started with a run, where nothing went wrong! I was so happy, I mean I was beyond happy, I didn't trip or anything! I got home and all of my brothers and sisters actually listened and we had EXTRA time in the morning before school!!! Holy SHIT! My day started out SOOO good. Everyone was on the bus and off to school on time! So at 8:00 I watched 'Crossing Jordan' while I cleaned up in the kitchen. Yeah I did! Eric came down right at the end, and I gave him eggs and sausage and bacon, I even made his toast for him.
THAT is when the Coffee machine ate fuck dust. It bit it, right in the middle of my pot of expensive coffee I got from my aunt. THEN I dropped the damned coffee pot while I poured my cup anyway. I have a coffee cup I use everyday. It says 'I do not have any addiction' on the side then on the bottom it says 'Now please give me my caffine back before I kill you' ... I LOVED IT! and I dropped it, on my foot. while it was full of HOT fucking coffee (sorry mom).

From 9:30 on my day has been HELL! I had to go to the ER for the cut I got on my forearm from the stupid coffee pot. The ER doc was like, 'Hello, my name.... Oh, Lie, it's you... I'll go get what I need to stitch you up." Seriously? Dude, I mean they don't even have to ask me questions anymore! My life sucks!

Eric laughed when I complained it was sunny while we bought a new coffee machine, then he laughed because I was complaining about how crappy caffine withdrawl is so I went through the McDonalds drive thru and guess what? They didn't have coffee at the moment they would be happy to give me a large pop and a cupon for the next time I went through a MD's I could have a free coffee. Seriously? I didn't want pop, I wanted coffee, and it would be 20 minutes before they had coffee. It sucked, I got a coke and my cupon and pouted as I drove home.

Eric was laughing at me, and my mom yelled at me for leaving the broken coffee machine plugged in. Seriously? I mean I cleaned up the rest of the kitchen AND left her a made plate of breakfast and the first thing she does is bitch at me when I have had NO coffee, and broke my favorite mug.

I spent the rest of my day on my computer, writing my story, which Eric is begging to read. I only let him read what I am positive about. I have my Step brother Proof stuff for me, and he helps me when I am stuck. Eric bitched because I left him with a huge cliffhanger. 0;) yup.

How would you feel if one of the main characters that you LOVED died to save someone? Really in a fantacy story how would you feel? If a character you loved died? Would you kill the author?

BTW, anyone who can tell me what the fuck is going with LOST, I would appriciate it. I LOVE the show, and I watched this whole season, which cleared some stuff up, but I am confused, and tired of watching OJ commercials.


  1. seriously no coffee at McDs? That is blasphemy! They actually ran out of Shamrocks milkshakes twice! I quoted Twilight on them. I told them this the blackest form of blasphemy EVER! She laughed at me-I don't think she understood how bad it is when McDonald's run out of beverages!

    Sorry about your Mug, I have a my favorite as well called Mood Swinger! Yep that is me!

  2. thanks for the congrats Lie and Eric!! :) Also I had to mention that I lmbo when I came to your page and heard "All the Pretty Little Horses" playing. lol Man I wish freakin chapter 49 was up already!!