Saturday, April 11, 2009

Yeah, because I am a penical of innocence.


Right, so lately I have been doing a whole shit load of reading, and writing. I now own EVERY James Patterson book. I also read every book Janet Evanovich ever thought about writing. Iris Johanson, and ummm, shit what's the lady's name who wrote all the books with the alaphabet leters? Oh well. Also, daily I read one of the stories by the brothers grimm, to my siblings, and one of Edgar Allen Poe's shorter storys to Little Charrley. :) I also re-read Wurthering Heights, and Jane Eyre yesterday.

I wrote more for a story I have been developing for freakin' EVER! GAH! I wrote a few short little song-things too. HA! :) There is a TINY bit of the story at the end. Forgive the run-on's and obvious errors. I write, re write, Edit, then print. Well I just wrote this then pasted it so, please no pitchforks and burning logs!

Decided for my new tattoo, which I will be getting VERY soon. (Sorry Mom, but I do like to whole tattoo process. It rocks.) Well anyway, It is a quote from Wurthering Heights. Heathcliff says it to Cathrine's ghost. It's pretty well known ish. "take any form drive me mad, but do not leave me in this abyss where I cannot find you! Oh God, It is unutterable! I cannot live without my life. I cannot live without my soul." Yup. That's what I am getting! In Carmille Demo font at I think wither 24 or 36. Oh yeah. I am really excited, now I just need enough money to do that.

Some rockin' songs that I can't stop listening to: Fireflight-Wrapped in you arms, It's you, Unbreakable, Hungry. Iron and Wite-Flightless Bird. Jamie O'neal, Like a Woman, Somebody's Hero. And TONS of Hard rock, that I will NEVER get over, no matter how many times I am told it is just a phase. :) Plus, LOTS of stuff by my buddy. He writes a shit load of music. I usually supply that music with lyrics. We briefly had a band, we still hang out when we can, but we relized that even though I can sing and play drums and he can play the guitar and piano that we needed REAL lives because there is no way that our band would have gone ANYWHERE. We were choosy, persnickity about music, and he hates being onstage. We were doomed from the begining. We did do some smaller gig's though- A story for another time since this post is huge anyway.

-----Harmarien's Story----- (He is not the main character, this was just to good of a moment to pass on writing. Hope you love it.)

Pronunciation Key.
Harmarien= Harm - Air - Ean
Medieleah= Med-E-Lee-Uh
Gennyphier= Jennifer (Luvs ya!)
Blue Demon- Peaceful beings
Fire Angel- Usually hateful things who love violence.

Harmarion had many travels and adventures before he came to this village. He came there for death, and ended up with new life.Hamarion was one of the royal decendants of the Fire King whose name was long forgotten, and he was the last of this bloodline. He planned to die the day he met the beautiful woman on his walk down the winding road that lead to the royal cemitary. He was going to keep walking foreward to his impending death, when she tripped over a small tree root and dropped her basket of vegitables and fruit. He was not used to being kind, he had never needed social skills on the battel feild, but he felt compelled to help the woman recover the scattered belonings. He knelt down, a few feet from her and started gently placing the long carrots and small apples back into the hand woven basket.Judging by the state of the ladys clothing she was nothing more than a commoner. He held nothing aginst the Common people, but he had never really been that involved in their affairs, that was always his now dead brother. Her dress was faded lavender, with some kind of wornout design laid into the stitching. The fabric couldn't have been protecting her from the pelting sand or the baking sun. Her shoes were barely more than a single layer of animal skin, surely they couldn't protect her small delicate feet from the hard and stoney path. Her hand grasped the basket when all of the baubles had been replaced, they were so small, her hands. Surely she couldn't carry that heavy basket back to the village, it was nearly 10 miles from this place. She did, to his astonishment, lift the basket easily and braced it aginst her waist. She looked up at his face for the first time, with her mouth slightly open, as if to speak, but no words moved from her lips. Her face was the most beautiful thing he had seen in his many years. Here eyes were nearly the only give away of her race. She must have put a lot of effort into conceling. They were dark, almost as dark as night, but they were not black. No, they were midnight blue. Beautiful Blue. Her face was very balanced, and evenly proportioned. Her lips were full and the top was a bit smaller than the bottom. Her brows, that had been pressed together gathering her things, now were smooth and perfect. Her hair was long and golden brown. She seemed almost angelic. She only stared at the tall man with dark hair in front of her. She slowly regained control of her self and closed her mouth with a very quiet snap."Begging your pardon sir, I didn't mean to..." Her voice was shakey and scared. What had he done to frighten her? Why did she need his pardon?"Ma'am, I'm afraid it is I who should be sorry. You need not appologize for an accident. You merely tripped, and I helped you collect your things again." He told her, his voice was calming and pleasent. This was strange to him, he had never felt so at ease with anyone before. He had no wish to find a fight, or even continue on his path to his death. He just wanted to keep talking to this girl, this common girl, who wasn't even his own race. She was still, and silent for a long moment, and he wondered why she seemed confused, and then relized the answer. It was so obvious. He was a Fire Angel. Normally one would have burnt the food and the basket as well just to cause a ruckes. He was about to talk when she finally spoke again."Thank you sir, your help was much appriciateed." She had turned to continue on the path the way she had been headed before she had stumbled. She seemed to be in a hurry, either to get away from him, or to hurry home he wasn't sure. He didn't know if he should stop her or just go on his own way and forget her. No, he would not forget

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