Friday, April 10, 2009


Okay Eric is moving in tomorrow. Well okay so he already lives here, but he offically MOVES IN here tomorrow. I am actually really excited!

ON TO WIDE AWAKE! Okay, so apparently chapter 48 is about half way done. I am UBER HAPPY about that. Also, I am uber sleepy. And, uber un-hungry.

Today my mom's stupid Dog named Mauser got out. He enjoys running around and won't get back inside. My brother and Eric ran after him for an hour. I wasn't allowed to because I am all broken, and I always get hurt. So after an hour of watching the guys chase the dog I grabbed some bologna (Thank god for that stupid commercial 'cuz oscar meter has a way with b-o-l-o-g-n-a.') and walked outside and called for the dog 2 -count them 2- times before he came running through E's legs straight at me. Mauser is 60 lbs of muscal. Add that to the fact he was running at around maybe 25 mph it would have hurt if he hit me. So I did what any normal girl who has a huge ass dog barreling at her, I hit the fucking deck and hoped that he wouldn't step on me. I hit the cement hard and Mauser slobbered all over my hair when he ate the bologna from my hand. -just so you know when you have a shit load of bologna in your hand and you make a fist it molds to your hand and feels gross, I suggest NOT trying it.- Eric grabbed his collar and helped me up. He laughed at my hair, and said it looked like some really BIG guy decided it was the best place to aim his, umm well you get it.

All in all, a very NICE day.

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