Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Two posts, one day.

Voicing my complaints.

WHY do some store put their hard liqur (Vodka, Whisky... Ya get it.) next to the cold medicine?
WHY do some cold pills look like red skittles.
WHY is there bubblegum flavored (not sented) bubble bath?
WHY are some people such in sufferable Know-It-Alls?
WHY would one buy 8 hot dog buns, and 6 hot dogs?
WHY do people run in the rain? (Don't give me the 'I don't get as wet." Yah ya do. You run into the water instead of letting it comt to you.
WHY does hairspray cost so much money? I mean it is 'Kill the ozone layer' in a can.
WHY are the condoms either with the cold medicine, or next to food? I mean really. "Hmm, I want some white rice, and and a box of Trojans, and a box of brown rice." For real?
WHY do I let people give me gifts? I always get the worst gag gifts. ALL the time.
WHY are feather Boa's so expencivly ichy?
WHY are the directions for bakeing PIE on the bottom of the box Along with 'Do not turn this side up'?
WHY do ALL men suck?
WHAT is the point of life? If we all go to heaven in the end why make us live on earth? And if someone calls and tells me 'Because God is giving us a chance People have been quoted over and over that it is better to have the chance to fail than not at all' I will reply 'Why though? if he loves us all equally do we have to prove ourselves worthy? if we were worthy before out life spent on earth why would that change?'

Read on babe's read on.

Heart love peace and > LIES

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