Saturday, April 4, 2009


Okay, I am at home with two of my little sisters and my brother. Oh Freakin' Yay. Right now Eric is sitting on the couch watching my sisters play Karaoke Revolutions for the Game Cube. He seems like he is enjoying watching their fun. It is rather cute. I have the laptop, obviously. I also am sneak re-reading Wide Awake. Which after this post will be found out.

Today I totally caved big time into Twilight Syndrome. I bought Team Jacob AND a Team Edward shirts. :( I am totally impulsive. :( Stipid Twilight addicted disease thing. Grr. See I was never Team Edward or Team Jacob, I was always Team Stay the Fuck the way it is. I always knew Edward would be with Bella, and I was always sad for Jake, but I was never 'Jacob sucks'.

Also I have a question concerning Imprinting. Okay first some facts: Sam Uley was with Leah Clearwater yes? Then he imprinted on her cousin Emily, yes? Jacob loved Bella, duh, then he imprinted on Bella's daughter, yes? So, are the wolves pulled toward people who are related to who they will imprint on? Did Sam fall in love with Leah because she was a blood relivitve of Emily? Does it matter that at least two of the wolves loved people who were related to who they imprinted on? Is it relivent?


  1. Good Question. I have no idea. I just want to see the shapershifter, vampire half human baby! Will it be a sparkly wolf? Would this child have self esteem issues in the pack and the covens? See this reason alone is why SM has to continue!

  2. Good Question! I also have no idea. lol But its questions like that and like Cathie's that keep me up at night sometimes wondering. *giggle*