Thursday, April 16, 2009

Psssh, what do you mean? No, I did not!

Wednesday I went to a party at my friends house. There were only about 10 people there. We danced and drank, we talked and all that jazz.

Then it was announced we play truth or dare. Of course with 4 guys and 6 girls, this game was less than fair, but still fun. Of course I never back out of a dare, I always pick dare, because Truth is never a safe option when you are playing with more than one of your ex's, and girls who know stuff that could REALLY suck if everyone knew. I got dared to kiss my friend, not a big deal. There was also some VERY lude jokes made. I think my favorite was my friend Kris sitting on E's lap and E's face turned purple trying REALLY hard not to get.... hard. Some of the other dares were normal, some were rediculace.

I woke up ar 6:30, laying with E on my left and Creek on my right.


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