Wednesday, April 1, 2009

My cast... E's Daddy. (I don't describe it, don't FREAK)

Please note: If you read this post Nate, or anyone else, Please DO NOT get fucking pisses. I am fine with comments, but PLEASE, please don't ask. There are some F's at the end. Okay there are a lot of F's at the end, but I can't get up and jump up and down and say them cuz it hurts.

This Morning, on the first day of April, I woke up alone. No big deal, I got up to my alarm. (It's so hard to not type and say the F word ALL the time) Anyway, It was Still dark, I looked around. Alone, completely. I was worried about E but then just thought he is probably just in the bathroom, or playing a prank on me. Then I got a creepy feeling, and I took a deffencive pose. That's just me, tensed for a fight at any weird feeling or sound. So, I realized that it wasn't MY alarm, I remembered That Eric and I went to his house yesterday, to get away from my family. Then the alarm shut it's self off. I couldn't see anything but the readout, that said it was to early for me to be awake again. (2:30) I took a step back and said that this crap wasn't funny, not a fun prank. And then I heard the bathroom door in the hall ratteling and E kindof half yelled my name. Then he said the only thing that would freak me out. "He came back." He meant his dad he came home early. I put on my calm face and came out of E's room and unlocked the bathroom door, which he was beating and kick and screaming at more and more feebely. Then there was a little crying and sobbing and apologizing, which I won't explain because it sucked.

Then I drove to my friend Creek's house, so that I could change, and clean up. At 4 in the morning, because I put off going in and having to face Creek for as long as fing possible. He freaked. I mean he really fucking freaked. Not just over me, but Eric, and then because we were dumb enough to actually go to Eric's house, while his mom was not there. Then he yelled at me because I was going to go look in Charrley's room to check on him. Char is Creek's little boy.

I caught a few more hours sleep, then at 8 Charrley woke up and we all put on our cheezy happy faces. Char is 3 years old, he can see right through the fakeness, and I was wareing one of Creeks T-Shirts which didn't cover the bruises on my right fucking arm. Char almost cried and he crawled into my lap and hugged me. Then we all kind of decided to let the fake go and ware the matching masks of horror and worry and anger. Except Char, he just looked so sad.

by 10 Eric had showed Creek "Wide Awake" he laughed, and turned to me and sadi really seriously... "You like all that romance smutty stuff? Really? That's it, thats all I wanna know." Then they got Charrley to call me My Girl- he always called me My Lie, or Mine. How equally cute and Annoying at the same time.

At 12, I kind of got dragged back to my place, by Eric. He wanted to ware clothes that were his. Yup so after today, pretty much he is never leaving to go home, EVER! I hate seeing that crap, I hate it when he is all sad and broken. I hate his dad, I HATE my Fucking casted hand, and my fucking walking cast for my fucking foot, be I can't fucking run or dodge with the fucker on. I HATE IT. Every peice of it. Okay, whoa I am going to go. I'll Probably post again later because I can garentee that I won't take those stupid loopy pills and I won't be able to sleep, I will want to watch Eric sleep, to make sure he is okay.

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