Monday, April 20, 2009

I hate EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!

Alrighty, I am a model daughter. I get up in the morning, clean the kitchen, make breakfast, get my bro's and sis's ready for school, allow others to sleep in, clean some more, go for a run, clean again, make lunch, clean, then I stay out of the way until I get the rugrats off the bus, then since I have usually done my share of the day's cleaning I retreat to my room and read or talk to Eric. Nice of me right? The kitchen in my house is always spotless (unless I don't cook) the living room is always in perfect order. And seriously I say one thing along the line of a curse word in front of my mother then suddenly, EVERYTHING is a pig st-i(How the fuck do you spell that?)

I was cussing because my toe collided with a very unforgiving coffee table. The rat bastard table.

RANTING OVER, well about my grounding that is.

ERIC! holy mary mother of fuck, I don't even want to write in the blog what you did because my FAMILY reads my blog. I cannot believe you were so cocky at the damn table. I am sorry for hitting you, I am not sorry for make you sit throught the dinner with a woody. Love you babe, your fault.

WIDE AWAKE CHAPTER 48! In all honesty, I didn't like that it wasn't the reunion I was hopeing for. I wanted hugging and sorry's and crying, and acceptance. I got all the bad and only a little of the good. ;'''(

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  1. Dude are you sure you aren't Bella in disguise?