Thursday, April 2, 2009

Gah! Wide Awake Update.

Okay, I was trying REALLY hard NOT to check on Wide Awake every ten minutes. I was doing really bad until I had to take my sisters glasses to school. Eric stayed home, and I guess he was bored, and when I walked back in my room he was fucking reading ahead of me! He sucks! GRRR.

No, not really he doesn't suck, but if I had just given in and checked the site before I left I could have taken my laptop with me. Well actually that might be a bad Idea, ya know driving and listening to him read to me at the same time. It could have turned into a van pretzel.

I haven't read it yet and if I could I would jump up and down and praise the ground that Angstgoddess003 walks on. Well maybe not praise, but I could bake some cake, or cookies. lol.
Stupid reading ahead, he is lookin at me and smirkin' and laughing, and then he says some cryptic crap. GAH! I gotta go read.


  1. I can't wait to read. I am saving it for later. I have a busy afternoon!

    Sorry about your casts.

  2. I'm on chapter 8 again. I decided to start over last night and got to chapter 7. Then today there is the update and I decided to just keep reading from where I was that way everything was fresh in my mind up until the update. Of course its killing me to not just go over to chapter 45 and start there. But i'm doing okay so far.... hehe