Thursday, April 9, 2009

Criminal Minds

Last night Jackson Rathbone was in Criminal Minds. He makes a really hot lady. Kinda still manly, but a lady too. Anyway, when he found the clothes in the dresser, then turned around, he had this very Jasper-y/Edward Scissor Hands look on his face. He played his character(s) so well, he did amazing! I love the way this episode was put together, it was so well thought out, and well played. I loved the quick Reid flashback to when he was reidnapped. I loved (in a way) that he feels almost responsible for Amanda locking Adam away. I liked the little bits of Reid going to the prison where Amanda/Adam were. Did I mention I liked Rathbones Wig yet? When he was the amanda side of his character he looked like someone, but I can't figure it out yet. Wow, Entire post on Jackson, I was super excited that he was on this week I have been waiting for this episode FOREVER!

Yesterday was also the day that LOST was on. I can't watch LOST on TV because this stupid little town doesn't fucking get ABC. Therefore I watch LOST online. I didn't watch the last Episode yeat so I have a two hour LOST catch up scheduled for 12:oo today, right after my awkward time with Eric downstairs. Yay me. We apologized last night, and we talked about shit. Yay me... The only thing left is to show me mommy that we can be civil after a fight because until our face to face apology at 12 last night the entire house was on edge. Then after it every body started to breathe again.


  1. Reid? Did I miss something? I was trying to flip back and forth between Criminal Minds and Lost

  2. Hey :) so I didn't know where to leave this... and I don't know if you already heard but.... there is a small teaser for WA ch48 on the last page of comments for ch47. Just a heads up :)