Sunday, April 26, 2009

Caught in the Shower. Funny Akward

SOOOO, yeah, I went to my brothers house last night to talk about my book and hang out. I had a nightmare, and apparently it isn't condusive for a baby's sleep if somebody in the house is screaming in their sleep.... Who knew? Lol... Well I dremt that I was stuck watching my best friend end his life..... Shitty dream.... ANYWAY...

I got home around 9 on Saturday. I gave Eric a hug and he lifted me up and carried me up atairs and kissed me... He had icky breath. I told him that he needed to bruch his teeth and take a shower. He said no. So I took him into the bathroom and 'convinced' him to get naked while I turned the shower on. I pushed him in the shower while it was still cold... he screamed and pulled a fully clothed me in with him... While we giggled and shreiked, apparently my Step dad woke up and came to investigate. The bathroom doesn't lock, so I was in trouble... He burst in the door and yanked open the curtain to see me in my purple bra, and black jeans, and Eric star naked covering his 'manhood' with my white tanktop. I thought murder was going to be commited, I mean really, so easily this could have been mistaken for something more than it was. It was just me tryig to make my Boyfriend Stink less. My shirt came off because he said if he has to endure shrinkage because of the cold water I have to have harp nipp... well anyway back on track. My step dad was frozen staring down at the two of us laying on the floor in the shower (It isn't a tub shower, it is just a shower with a curtain) side by side, partially and completely naked. I was looking up at his face in horror wondering if it would make it worse if I moved away from the cold water still running over me. So then when my Step-Dad opened his mouth, my 16 year old brother walked into the bathroom and locked eyes with his Dad and they both started to crack up laughing. I sat there dumbfounded. Seriously? He was laughing... Now I am going to quote him.... I swear on the fact that Eric is still alive. "I'm sorry, I'll just leave you guys to do what ever it is you were doing, but,.... Umm. Could you, keep it down? If your mother hears she'll have us dig our own graves. Sorry, really." FOR SERIOUS? did he just say 'Okay have sex with my daughter in the shower? it's okay but please keep it down?' On his way back out the door he flipped a condom into my lap, and laughed saying ''Here, be careful"

SERIOUSLY!!!! So, I turned the water to warm and Eric was still sitting on the floor, not moveing. I kneeled down and he was like "Did all that just happen? Was I naked on the floor of a shower with you and your dad came in?" "Yup. Babe, now PLEASE for the sake of my nose, and cuddleing take a shower!" by this time my jeans were soaked and freezing, and my shirt was still in E's hand. Then he was like "I believe we were in the middle of something before you Dad rudly interupted us..." I rolled my eyes and peeled my jeans off, then wrung my hair out and flipped it.... I laughed at E standing in the stream of water watching. Still holding my shirt. I tossed my pants to him, and walked into my bedroom to change, leaveing him all alone in the shower! HA HA HA! Freaking HA! I decided to keep teasing him because it was funny and I picked out a sheer top, and matching boy shorts/unerwear things. It covered me up, but now enought to go aywhere but my bedroom. I sat on top the covers and waited for him to come out of the bathroom so we could go to sleep. He walked out of the bathroom, and to the closet with just a towel on, which he did on purpose. Then came to bed wareing some silky boxers, with the words 'Cock Tease' on the ass. They WERE mine, I got them from my sister as a joke, I got her a huge pink dildo. But to see E in the boxers was so funny. and now He is reading and I am blogging and this stupid top when I lay on my tummy almost lets my boobs fall out. I hate that.

:) SOOO, anyway now that my friends and Family know that I am a 'cock tease' I think I should go. That is all he has called me for the last few hours... It is my new name. All I gotta say is he pops a boner in my boxers he is in trouble.

Weird how something you feared most turned into something so funny I have stitches in my sides thinking about it.


  1. LMBO thats hilarious! I don't think most parents have that reaction. lol

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  3. GREAT LIE! I have been caught and it is embarrassing, but looking back now funny as hell!