Thursday, April 30, 2009

Brandishing a stick, yes.

The fridge broke....
It is dead....
It died....
He didn't even give warning, he just... fucking died... What an asshat. lol.

That rat bastard! I hate shopping for shit like fridges and stoves, and washers and dryers.... It makes me feel icky. Then you have to move the heavy peices of crap...
The fridge is an asshat for breaking. It ruined my coffee creamer...

Three coffee mishaps in less than ten days!!! I hate it!!! I NEED COFFEE! I need it like I need air. I need it! :( The second mishap was the new coffee machine it has like 3000 buttons, and It burnt my coffee.

I do like the word Asshat though... A lot. See, every time I walk by the fridge I turn to it an say 'you're such an asshat' I really do, I can't get over it screwing up my coffee. Or ruining my Strawberry short cake plans... Speaking of cake, in chapter 49 of WA, Edward made a cake. Okay, suffice it to say the WA is enough to pull me from calling the fridge bad names that make my mother angry...

Eric was at the computer downstairs and I was glaring at the fridge getting ready to call it a bad name when I heard... 'Babe, DO NOT piss off the fridge! He already died and went to fridge heaven, leave him in peice.' Then after a second he said 'Babe? ... Come read to me?' Seriously? Really? After you interupt my fridge angering? So, I went to sit by him, and he pulled Wide awake up and I actually jumped up and squeeked... Like a little girl, and I clapped my hands, for about a minute before I sat down and read him the best two-part chapter EVER! okay maybenot ever, but it is better than Edward fighting with Bella right?

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Two posts, one day.

Voicing my complaints.

WHY do some store put their hard liqur (Vodka, Whisky... Ya get it.) next to the cold medicine?
WHY do some cold pills look like red skittles.
WHY is there bubblegum flavored (not sented) bubble bath?
WHY are some people such in sufferable Know-It-Alls?
WHY would one buy 8 hot dog buns, and 6 hot dogs?
WHY do people run in the rain? (Don't give me the 'I don't get as wet." Yah ya do. You run into the water instead of letting it comt to you.
WHY does hairspray cost so much money? I mean it is 'Kill the ozone layer' in a can.
WHY are the condoms either with the cold medicine, or next to food? I mean really. "Hmm, I want some white rice, and and a box of Trojans, and a box of brown rice." For real?
WHY do I let people give me gifts? I always get the worst gag gifts. ALL the time.
WHY are feather Boa's so expencivly ichy?
WHY are the directions for bakeing PIE on the bottom of the box Along with 'Do not turn this side up'?
WHY do ALL men suck?
WHAT is the point of life? If we all go to heaven in the end why make us live on earth? And if someone calls and tells me 'Because God is giving us a chance People have been quoted over and over that it is better to have the chance to fail than not at all' I will reply 'Why though? if he loves us all equally do we have to prove ourselves worthy? if we were worthy before out life spent on earth why would that change?'

Read on babe's read on.

Heart love peace and > LIES

U rn't mad, why am I guilty?

Okay guys guess what?!?!?!?!?! I got my cast off today!!! Well of my arm anyway. I still have to ware the walking cast for at least 15 hours a day. I don't have any bruises I didn't give myself, AND I am so hyped on caffine right now is crazy...

Okay so my sister who will be haveing my neice any day now, decided that Me, her, Eric, and her Boyfriend needed to hang out and talk. SOO E and I went over to his mom's place, and we sat on the couch and talked for an hour before my SISTER wanted to play Truth or fuck dare.... -I hate this game. I HATE IT! Who ever invented the game, cower in a corner somewhere because me and you will be talking about you retracting your offending game. - ANY WAY, I believe I have said before that I always pick dare, and follow through with said dare? Unless someone forces me to do TRUTH. Being the BOSS liar I am I can bull shit my way through most truths, but NO! My sister decided LIE will go first, she picks dare. Yeah. What can I say. predictable.
I always follow through with my dare, but seriously? Yes her BF and I get along... ish. We giggle, and mess around, but I don't like him like that. So, this dare has to be approved by ALL parties involved and effected, because If either Eric or my Sis weren't fine with it it wouldn't happen. If her boyfriend was not okay with MY dare I would get a new dare. Well GUESS WHAT?!?!?!?! Every one was fine with me makein' out with him. Eric LAUGHED at me. He was officially on my shit list the whole game. ANY WAY. So, I moved to sit by Her BF on the floor, and I was mentally freaking out, but appeared cool calm and collected, except the death glares I gave away freely. :) Then I said "Sis, is there a minimum of time I gotta spent touching his lips?" BAD idea. "Why, now that you mention it, ther are some other rules."

1. I had to sit in his lap.
2. I had to kiss him first.
3. A real make out kiss, not a pansy peck. (IE more than 2 minutes,)
4. if anyone, besides me, decides it went to far, or can't deal with it, They voice their opinion and we stop kissing.

nice? Well I wanted, No inapprioate touching, No weirdness afterwards, No repeats, And a crap load more but NOPE.

So I MADE OUT with my sisters baby's daddy. ICK ICK ICK!!!

To top all that shit off, I felt bad because E had to stop the kiss, after about a minute and a half. He was angry and shakeing.... I FELT GUILTY! really really guilty, and I still do...

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Caught in the Shower. Funny Akward

SOOOO, yeah, I went to my brothers house last night to talk about my book and hang out. I had a nightmare, and apparently it isn't condusive for a baby's sleep if somebody in the house is screaming in their sleep.... Who knew? Lol... Well I dremt that I was stuck watching my best friend end his life..... Shitty dream.... ANYWAY...

I got home around 9 on Saturday. I gave Eric a hug and he lifted me up and carried me up atairs and kissed me... He had icky breath. I told him that he needed to bruch his teeth and take a shower. He said no. So I took him into the bathroom and 'convinced' him to get naked while I turned the shower on. I pushed him in the shower while it was still cold... he screamed and pulled a fully clothed me in with him... While we giggled and shreiked, apparently my Step dad woke up and came to investigate. The bathroom doesn't lock, so I was in trouble... He burst in the door and yanked open the curtain to see me in my purple bra, and black jeans, and Eric star naked covering his 'manhood' with my white tanktop. I thought murder was going to be commited, I mean really, so easily this could have been mistaken for something more than it was. It was just me tryig to make my Boyfriend Stink less. My shirt came off because he said if he has to endure shrinkage because of the cold water I have to have harp nipp... well anyway back on track. My step dad was frozen staring down at the two of us laying on the floor in the shower (It isn't a tub shower, it is just a shower with a curtain) side by side, partially and completely naked. I was looking up at his face in horror wondering if it would make it worse if I moved away from the cold water still running over me. So then when my Step-Dad opened his mouth, my 16 year old brother walked into the bathroom and locked eyes with his Dad and they both started to crack up laughing. I sat there dumbfounded. Seriously? He was laughing... Now I am going to quote him.... I swear on the fact that Eric is still alive. "I'm sorry, I'll just leave you guys to do what ever it is you were doing, but,.... Umm. Could you, keep it down? If your mother hears she'll have us dig our own graves. Sorry, really." FOR SERIOUS? did he just say 'Okay have sex with my daughter in the shower? it's okay but please keep it down?' On his way back out the door he flipped a condom into my lap, and laughed saying ''Here, be careful"

SERIOUSLY!!!! So, I turned the water to warm and Eric was still sitting on the floor, not moveing. I kneeled down and he was like "Did all that just happen? Was I naked on the floor of a shower with you and your dad came in?" "Yup. Babe, now PLEASE for the sake of my nose, and cuddleing take a shower!" by this time my jeans were soaked and freezing, and my shirt was still in E's hand. Then he was like "I believe we were in the middle of something before you Dad rudly interupted us..." I rolled my eyes and peeled my jeans off, then wrung my hair out and flipped it.... I laughed at E standing in the stream of water watching. Still holding my shirt. I tossed my pants to him, and walked into my bedroom to change, leaveing him all alone in the shower! HA HA HA! Freaking HA! I decided to keep teasing him because it was funny and I picked out a sheer top, and matching boy shorts/unerwear things. It covered me up, but now enought to go aywhere but my bedroom. I sat on top the covers and waited for him to come out of the bathroom so we could go to sleep. He walked out of the bathroom, and to the closet with just a towel on, which he did on purpose. Then came to bed wareing some silky boxers, with the words 'Cock Tease' on the ass. They WERE mine, I got them from my sister as a joke, I got her a huge pink dildo. But to see E in the boxers was so funny. and now He is reading and I am blogging and this stupid top when I lay on my tummy almost lets my boobs fall out. I hate that.

:) SOOO, anyway now that my friends and Family know that I am a 'cock tease' I think I should go. That is all he has called me for the last few hours... It is my new name. All I gotta say is he pops a boner in my boxers he is in trouble.

Weird how something you feared most turned into something so funny I have stitches in my sides thinking about it.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

:) Yup thats because I rock! (T- Language)

Wanna know how I first met Eric? Check it out on his blog. Which is mostly about me or Him and I. LOVE YOU ALL!

Yeah, I do I really really ROCK! I am The Master of Disaster. Why, one may ask? Well I would like to know who your asking because I would like to ask him a question myself. WHY THE FUCK ME? Every one has a 'why the fuck me' moment. I had mine today. And "Every other freaking day of my life." -Yup I quoted shaggy right there.

Well my day started with a run, where nothing went wrong! I was so happy, I mean I was beyond happy, I didn't trip or anything! I got home and all of my brothers and sisters actually listened and we had EXTRA time in the morning before school!!! Holy SHIT! My day started out SOOO good. Everyone was on the bus and off to school on time! So at 8:00 I watched 'Crossing Jordan' while I cleaned up in the kitchen. Yeah I did! Eric came down right at the end, and I gave him eggs and sausage and bacon, I even made his toast for him.
THAT is when the Coffee machine ate fuck dust. It bit it, right in the middle of my pot of expensive coffee I got from my aunt. THEN I dropped the damned coffee pot while I poured my cup anyway. I have a coffee cup I use everyday. It says 'I do not have any addiction' on the side then on the bottom it says 'Now please give me my caffine back before I kill you' ... I LOVED IT! and I dropped it, on my foot. while it was full of HOT fucking coffee (sorry mom).

From 9:30 on my day has been HELL! I had to go to the ER for the cut I got on my forearm from the stupid coffee pot. The ER doc was like, 'Hello, my name.... Oh, Lie, it's you... I'll go get what I need to stitch you up." Seriously? Dude, I mean they don't even have to ask me questions anymore! My life sucks!

Eric laughed when I complained it was sunny while we bought a new coffee machine, then he laughed because I was complaining about how crappy caffine withdrawl is so I went through the McDonalds drive thru and guess what? They didn't have coffee at the moment they would be happy to give me a large pop and a cupon for the next time I went through a MD's I could have a free coffee. Seriously? I didn't want pop, I wanted coffee, and it would be 20 minutes before they had coffee. It sucked, I got a coke and my cupon and pouted as I drove home.

Eric was laughing at me, and my mom yelled at me for leaving the broken coffee machine plugged in. Seriously? I mean I cleaned up the rest of the kitchen AND left her a made plate of breakfast and the first thing she does is bitch at me when I have had NO coffee, and broke my favorite mug.

I spent the rest of my day on my computer, writing my story, which Eric is begging to read. I only let him read what I am positive about. I have my Step brother Proof stuff for me, and he helps me when I am stuck. Eric bitched because I left him with a huge cliffhanger. 0;) yup.

How would you feel if one of the main characters that you LOVED died to save someone? Really in a fantacy story how would you feel? If a character you loved died? Would you kill the author?

BTW, anyone who can tell me what the fuck is going with LOST, I would appriciate it. I LOVE the show, and I watched this whole season, which cleared some stuff up, but I am confused, and tired of watching OJ commercials.

Monday, April 20, 2009

I hate EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!

Alrighty, I am a model daughter. I get up in the morning, clean the kitchen, make breakfast, get my bro's and sis's ready for school, allow others to sleep in, clean some more, go for a run, clean again, make lunch, clean, then I stay out of the way until I get the rugrats off the bus, then since I have usually done my share of the day's cleaning I retreat to my room and read or talk to Eric. Nice of me right? The kitchen in my house is always spotless (unless I don't cook) the living room is always in perfect order. And seriously I say one thing along the line of a curse word in front of my mother then suddenly, EVERYTHING is a pig st-i(How the fuck do you spell that?)

I was cussing because my toe collided with a very unforgiving coffee table. The rat bastard table.

RANTING OVER, well about my grounding that is.

ERIC! holy mary mother of fuck, I don't even want to write in the blog what you did because my FAMILY reads my blog. I cannot believe you were so cocky at the damn table. I am sorry for hitting you, I am not sorry for make you sit throught the dinner with a woody. Love you babe, your fault.

WIDE AWAKE CHAPTER 48! In all honesty, I didn't like that it wasn't the reunion I was hopeing for. I wanted hugging and sorry's and crying, and acceptance. I got all the bad and only a little of the good. ;'''(

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Psssh, what do you mean? No, I did not!

Wednesday I went to a party at my friends house. There were only about 10 people there. We danced and drank, we talked and all that jazz.

Then it was announced we play truth or dare. Of course with 4 guys and 6 girls, this game was less than fair, but still fun. Of course I never back out of a dare, I always pick dare, because Truth is never a safe option when you are playing with more than one of your ex's, and girls who know stuff that could REALLY suck if everyone knew. I got dared to kiss my friend, not a big deal. There was also some VERY lude jokes made. I think my favorite was my friend Kris sitting on E's lap and E's face turned purple trying REALLY hard not to get.... hard. Some of the other dares were normal, some were rediculace.

I woke up ar 6:30, laying with E on my left and Creek on my right.


Saturday, April 11, 2009

Yeah, because I am a penical of innocence.


Right, so lately I have been doing a whole shit load of reading, and writing. I now own EVERY James Patterson book. I also read every book Janet Evanovich ever thought about writing. Iris Johanson, and ummm, shit what's the lady's name who wrote all the books with the alaphabet leters? Oh well. Also, daily I read one of the stories by the brothers grimm, to my siblings, and one of Edgar Allen Poe's shorter storys to Little Charrley. :) I also re-read Wurthering Heights, and Jane Eyre yesterday.

I wrote more for a story I have been developing for freakin' EVER! GAH! I wrote a few short little song-things too. HA! :) There is a TINY bit of the story at the end. Forgive the run-on's and obvious errors. I write, re write, Edit, then print. Well I just wrote this then pasted it so, please no pitchforks and burning logs!

Decided for my new tattoo, which I will be getting VERY soon. (Sorry Mom, but I do like to whole tattoo process. It rocks.) Well anyway, It is a quote from Wurthering Heights. Heathcliff says it to Cathrine's ghost. It's pretty well known ish. "take any form drive me mad, but do not leave me in this abyss where I cannot find you! Oh God, It is unutterable! I cannot live without my life. I cannot live without my soul." Yup. That's what I am getting! In Carmille Demo font at I think wither 24 or 36. Oh yeah. I am really excited, now I just need enough money to do that.

Some rockin' songs that I can't stop listening to: Fireflight-Wrapped in you arms, It's you, Unbreakable, Hungry. Iron and Wite-Flightless Bird. Jamie O'neal, Like a Woman, Somebody's Hero. And TONS of Hard rock, that I will NEVER get over, no matter how many times I am told it is just a phase. :) Plus, LOTS of stuff by my buddy. He writes a shit load of music. I usually supply that music with lyrics. We briefly had a band, we still hang out when we can, but we relized that even though I can sing and play drums and he can play the guitar and piano that we needed REAL lives because there is no way that our band would have gone ANYWHERE. We were choosy, persnickity about music, and he hates being onstage. We were doomed from the begining. We did do some smaller gig's though- A story for another time since this post is huge anyway.

-----Harmarien's Story----- (He is not the main character, this was just to good of a moment to pass on writing. Hope you love it.)

Pronunciation Key.
Harmarien= Harm - Air - Ean
Medieleah= Med-E-Lee-Uh
Gennyphier= Jennifer (Luvs ya!)
Blue Demon- Peaceful beings
Fire Angel- Usually hateful things who love violence.

Harmarion had many travels and adventures before he came to this village. He came there for death, and ended up with new life.Hamarion was one of the royal decendants of the Fire King whose name was long forgotten, and he was the last of this bloodline. He planned to die the day he met the beautiful woman on his walk down the winding road that lead to the royal cemitary. He was going to keep walking foreward to his impending death, when she tripped over a small tree root and dropped her basket of vegitables and fruit. He was not used to being kind, he had never needed social skills on the battel feild, but he felt compelled to help the woman recover the scattered belonings. He knelt down, a few feet from her and started gently placing the long carrots and small apples back into the hand woven basket.Judging by the state of the ladys clothing she was nothing more than a commoner. He held nothing aginst the Common people, but he had never really been that involved in their affairs, that was always his now dead brother. Her dress was faded lavender, with some kind of wornout design laid into the stitching. The fabric couldn't have been protecting her from the pelting sand or the baking sun. Her shoes were barely more than a single layer of animal skin, surely they couldn't protect her small delicate feet from the hard and stoney path. Her hand grasped the basket when all of the baubles had been replaced, they were so small, her hands. Surely she couldn't carry that heavy basket back to the village, it was nearly 10 miles from this place. She did, to his astonishment, lift the basket easily and braced it aginst her waist. She looked up at his face for the first time, with her mouth slightly open, as if to speak, but no words moved from her lips. Her face was the most beautiful thing he had seen in his many years. Here eyes were nearly the only give away of her race. She must have put a lot of effort into conceling. They were dark, almost as dark as night, but they were not black. No, they were midnight blue. Beautiful Blue. Her face was very balanced, and evenly proportioned. Her lips were full and the top was a bit smaller than the bottom. Her brows, that had been pressed together gathering her things, now were smooth and perfect. Her hair was long and golden brown. She seemed almost angelic. She only stared at the tall man with dark hair in front of her. She slowly regained control of her self and closed her mouth with a very quiet snap."Begging your pardon sir, I didn't mean to..." Her voice was shakey and scared. What had he done to frighten her? Why did she need his pardon?"Ma'am, I'm afraid it is I who should be sorry. You need not appologize for an accident. You merely tripped, and I helped you collect your things again." He told her, his voice was calming and pleasent. This was strange to him, he had never felt so at ease with anyone before. He had no wish to find a fight, or even continue on his path to his death. He just wanted to keep talking to this girl, this common girl, who wasn't even his own race. She was still, and silent for a long moment, and he wondered why she seemed confused, and then relized the answer. It was so obvious. He was a Fire Angel. Normally one would have burnt the food and the basket as well just to cause a ruckes. He was about to talk when she finally spoke again."Thank you sir, your help was much appriciateed." She had turned to continue on the path the way she had been headed before she had stumbled. She seemed to be in a hurry, either to get away from him, or to hurry home he wasn't sure. He didn't know if he should stop her or just go on his own way and forget her. No, he would not forget

Friday, April 10, 2009


Okay Eric is moving in tomorrow. Well okay so he already lives here, but he offically MOVES IN here tomorrow. I am actually really excited!

ON TO WIDE AWAKE! Okay, so apparently chapter 48 is about half way done. I am UBER HAPPY about that. Also, I am uber sleepy. And, uber un-hungry.

Today my mom's stupid Dog named Mauser got out. He enjoys running around and won't get back inside. My brother and Eric ran after him for an hour. I wasn't allowed to because I am all broken, and I always get hurt. So after an hour of watching the guys chase the dog I grabbed some bologna (Thank god for that stupid commercial 'cuz oscar meter has a way with b-o-l-o-g-n-a.') and walked outside and called for the dog 2 -count them 2- times before he came running through E's legs straight at me. Mauser is 60 lbs of muscal. Add that to the fact he was running at around maybe 25 mph it would have hurt if he hit me. So I did what any normal girl who has a huge ass dog barreling at her, I hit the fucking deck and hoped that he wouldn't step on me. I hit the cement hard and Mauser slobbered all over my hair when he ate the bologna from my hand. -just so you know when you have a shit load of bologna in your hand and you make a fist it molds to your hand and feels gross, I suggest NOT trying it.- Eric grabbed his collar and helped me up. He laughed at my hair, and said it looked like some really BIG guy decided it was the best place to aim his, umm well you get it.

All in all, a very NICE day.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Criminal Minds

Last night Jackson Rathbone was in Criminal Minds. He makes a really hot lady. Kinda still manly, but a lady too. Anyway, when he found the clothes in the dresser, then turned around, he had this very Jasper-y/Edward Scissor Hands look on his face. He played his character(s) so well, he did amazing! I love the way this episode was put together, it was so well thought out, and well played. I loved the quick Reid flashback to when he was reidnapped. I loved (in a way) that he feels almost responsible for Amanda locking Adam away. I liked the little bits of Reid going to the prison where Amanda/Adam were. Did I mention I liked Rathbones Wig yet? When he was the amanda side of his character he looked like someone, but I can't figure it out yet. Wow, Entire post on Jackson, I was super excited that he was on this week I have been waiting for this episode FOREVER!

Yesterday was also the day that LOST was on. I can't watch LOST on TV because this stupid little town doesn't fucking get ABC. Therefore I watch LOST online. I didn't watch the last Episode yeat so I have a two hour LOST catch up scheduled for 12:oo today, right after my awkward time with Eric downstairs. Yay me. We apologized last night, and we talked about shit. Yay me... The only thing left is to show me mommy that we can be civil after a fight because until our face to face apology at 12 last night the entire house was on edge. Then after it every body started to breathe again.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Fighting Stinks,

... I think the title for this post is probably the best ever. It sums up how I feel about fighting, in general. I hate it. I hate hate hate it.

I got into it with Eric. We always have a stupid constant banter going on, but this was a shit load more.

What it started over then what it turned into: Creek is what it started over. Typical Right? Fighting with your Boyfriend about one of your guy friends? NO! It turned into a full on arms waveing cursing shouting fight, about what else? Unicorns.

Eric and I were doing the dishes. I wash he dries, and puts away. That's just how it always works. He made a few jokes, and we talked about some serious stuff, like my Ribs healing, and then we joked around some more. My entire family was sitting in the living room. My phone rang, Eric answered it. Normal stuff. I asked who it was, It was Creek. Big Duh. When Eric hung up the phone he was fine, then 3 minutes later I made a joke about a very drunk Nun, and a priest and a herione addict. He was deeply not amused. I think Creek may have filled him in more than my notebooks did about some stupid shit I did when I lived at my Dad's. He asked some hard questions that I was not ready for. He asked about Charrleys Mom. He asked things about Mikkiey that I am not ready to face. He asked why Creek thought I needed to be watched when I took my Meds. Then I told him I wasn't ready to answer his questions, he started to yell, He said "AND, Why won't you fuc...." He paused to change the sentence around, and while he did that the entire house seemed to suck in a breath. He asked, still half yelling "Why in the hell is it so important for the fucking UNICORNS to wait to be free?" In any other situation this would have made me laugh. Not here. It pissed me off. He was jealous of the mistakes that I made. But I didn't say that, I had to keep up with his absurd question. "I think that the damn barn is better than the feilds for the unicorns because the barn pretects them from the WEATHER, dammit!" The living room was full of blue faced people as they stopped their laughter when I turned my 'shut the fuck up face' on them. Then I continued to yell at Eric. After about 5 minutes of the fight he walked through the kitchen and slammed the basement door. I walked up stairs and I have been sulking around, wanting to appologize, and defend my stance. I don't want to make any mistakes with him. I don't think that Creek ment to do anything but, he did ask Eric if my medication intake was monitered. Blah Blah.

Now I feel shitty. Not only did I fail to explain my past run-ins with some not very healthy choices, but I didn't make it clear why The Unicorns should stay in the barn, at least a little longer. If you get my drift.

TO ERIC: I am sorry, I know you are on the computer downstairs, I know you are going to read this before you come up to see me. Take all the time you need okay? If you want to stay down there for tonight that is okay, I understand. If you want to talk, you know where I am. I am really sorry. I love you. I didn't mean it, Okay? I didn't mean it when I said you were like him, I was just mad.

Casts, Randomness, Twilight

Okay, so I am doing 'A Salute to Broadway' with the Communtiy Theater. I still have on my casts. I am not going to go into detail about how much fun it is to learn the damn dance moves with the casts on, but I will say it is not all bad. Yeah, I stumble, and the stupid walking cast is really not up to walking sideways, or a low kick line, let alone jumping up and down a foot high step. BUT I am having fun with it.

So, I was watching Twilight again, and I started to get annoyed by Bella's cast. Why? Because didn't James break a bone in her UPPER leg in the movie? She didn't hurt her ankel did she? She wares a walking cast in the book to the prom though doesn't she... Umm, well anyway.

I am happy to say, that I am no longer SICK! WOOT! I am also not so patiently waiting for more Wide Awake. I also have to confess that I read a LOT and I mean A LOT of Twilight Fan Fiction in the past few days. It is really sad! I NEVER EVER read Fan Fiction. I never got into it, didn't feel like I needed it. BUT NOW, Holy Fuck I can't stop.

Eric says I am going overboard with all this Twilight stuff. To which I replied that I was not, It wasn't my fault and that Twilight Syndrome made me do it. He just gaped at me and then waved his hand to prove the point. Saying that siteing a fictional disease as a reason to obbsess over somthing was proof I was over doing it. AND as if to make his point more clear I was trying to decide weither I should ware a TEAM JACOB shirt or a TEAM EDWARD shirt. I wasn't ever Team Anything, I was always 'It will work out fine, everyone will be happy. I bet nobody will even die in the end.' And lucky me I was right, I did have some doubts through the books, but I know that as a writer you want what's best for your characters in the end.

BTW: I Re-Read the Host. I can't get over how awesome it is. Stephenie can really switch worlds. From teen vampire romance to adult alien invasion. She really is awesome.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Stupid Sick. I hate colds

Alright-y. I have a problem, I have expended every effing book in my house, and short of the phone book, I have nothing else to read. I am going stir crazy! Seriously, a low tempature is no reasonn for my family to conspire against me. No reason to be on serious bed lock down. I couldn't even go to Comm. Theater last night!!! Stupid, stupid. GAH!

I read Wikipedia for a while. I would hit the random button, or search for something to read about. Seriously, I can't think of any other things to read! I wrote a lot for my stupid story, and then I wrote a very angry note to Eric, in fucking Binary Code!!! Seriously, I don't even know why- it isn't like he can read it.

Seriously I am not allowed out of bed, except for the fucking bathroom, which is only ten feet from my damned bad. I am not allowed to turn the heat off or down. I have to have like a million blankets. My doggy isn't allowed in my room with me. AND the one and only rule I made was that Eric has to keep his distance along with anyone else, because I didn't want to get Eric sick. It makes me happy, and pissy at the same time. I hate low tempatures, I mean I FEEL fine. I am not cold, actually with all the blankets and the heat on I tend to sneak over to the bed by the window. Away from the heat. GRRRR!

Stupid Monday. Stupid Rules. Stupid self, I can't even kiss my BF without him being all 'I told you so' or 'Aginst your rules, na na nah'

Sunday, April 5, 2009


Morning. I like this morning. I got to sleep in until 8. I was comfortable cuddling with Eric in the living room. I didn't mind waking up to the couch, which I had to sleep on to watch over my sisters. I am watching Eric make Pancakes, Yummy Pancakes, Which I will then have a banana and peanut butter with.

Eric and I squished onto the couch last night, which was really funny. It was funny because our couch is little bity, and I am 5'9'' and he is 6'1'' and neither of us fit on the couch alone. Plus we had my mom's 3 German Shorthaired Pointers (Mauser, Livey, and Gretchen) and my half Lab (Bam.) sleeping with us in the already not there space. So I slept on his chest. At around 4:30 my mom's Idiot dogs jumped up and knocked me hard in the ribs, and the thighs. I fell off the couch, and hit my cast on the coffee tabel. It was halarious. Eric freaked and he thought I hurt myself, but I am fine. Aside from the dog kick to the ribs, it was nothing.

Saturday, April 4, 2009


Okay, I am at home with two of my little sisters and my brother. Oh Freakin' Yay. Right now Eric is sitting on the couch watching my sisters play Karaoke Revolutions for the Game Cube. He seems like he is enjoying watching their fun. It is rather cute. I have the laptop, obviously. I also am sneak re-reading Wide Awake. Which after this post will be found out.

Today I totally caved big time into Twilight Syndrome. I bought Team Jacob AND a Team Edward shirts. :( I am totally impulsive. :( Stipid Twilight addicted disease thing. Grr. See I was never Team Edward or Team Jacob, I was always Team Stay the Fuck the way it is. I always knew Edward would be with Bella, and I was always sad for Jake, but I was never 'Jacob sucks'.

Also I have a question concerning Imprinting. Okay first some facts: Sam Uley was with Leah Clearwater yes? Then he imprinted on her cousin Emily, yes? Jacob loved Bella, duh, then he imprinted on Bella's daughter, yes? So, are the wolves pulled toward people who are related to who they will imprint on? Did Sam fall in love with Leah because she was a blood relivitve of Emily? Does it matter that at least two of the wolves loved people who were related to who they imprinted on? Is it relivent?

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Gah! Wide Awake Update.

Okay, I was trying REALLY hard NOT to check on Wide Awake every ten minutes. I was doing really bad until I had to take my sisters glasses to school. Eric stayed home, and I guess he was bored, and when I walked back in my room he was fucking reading ahead of me! He sucks! GRRR.

No, not really he doesn't suck, but if I had just given in and checked the site before I left I could have taken my laptop with me. Well actually that might be a bad Idea, ya know driving and listening to him read to me at the same time. It could have turned into a van pretzel.

I haven't read it yet and if I could I would jump up and down and praise the ground that Angstgoddess003 walks on. Well maybe not praise, but I could bake some cake, or cookies. lol.
Stupid reading ahead, he is lookin at me and smirkin' and laughing, and then he says some cryptic crap. GAH! I gotta go read.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

My cast... E's Daddy. (I don't describe it, don't FREAK)

Please note: If you read this post Nate, or anyone else, Please DO NOT get fucking pisses. I am fine with comments, but PLEASE, please don't ask. There are some F's at the end. Okay there are a lot of F's at the end, but I can't get up and jump up and down and say them cuz it hurts.

This Morning, on the first day of April, I woke up alone. No big deal, I got up to my alarm. (It's so hard to not type and say the F word ALL the time) Anyway, It was Still dark, I looked around. Alone, completely. I was worried about E but then just thought he is probably just in the bathroom, or playing a prank on me. Then I got a creepy feeling, and I took a deffencive pose. That's just me, tensed for a fight at any weird feeling or sound. So, I realized that it wasn't MY alarm, I remembered That Eric and I went to his house yesterday, to get away from my family. Then the alarm shut it's self off. I couldn't see anything but the readout, that said it was to early for me to be awake again. (2:30) I took a step back and said that this crap wasn't funny, not a fun prank. And then I heard the bathroom door in the hall ratteling and E kindof half yelled my name. Then he said the only thing that would freak me out. "He came back." He meant his dad he came home early. I put on my calm face and came out of E's room and unlocked the bathroom door, which he was beating and kick and screaming at more and more feebely. Then there was a little crying and sobbing and apologizing, which I won't explain because it sucked.

Then I drove to my friend Creek's house, so that I could change, and clean up. At 4 in the morning, because I put off going in and having to face Creek for as long as fing possible. He freaked. I mean he really fucking freaked. Not just over me, but Eric, and then because we were dumb enough to actually go to Eric's house, while his mom was not there. Then he yelled at me because I was going to go look in Charrley's room to check on him. Char is Creek's little boy.

I caught a few more hours sleep, then at 8 Charrley woke up and we all put on our cheezy happy faces. Char is 3 years old, he can see right through the fakeness, and I was wareing one of Creeks T-Shirts which didn't cover the bruises on my right fucking arm. Char almost cried and he crawled into my lap and hugged me. Then we all kind of decided to let the fake go and ware the matching masks of horror and worry and anger. Except Char, he just looked so sad.

by 10 Eric had showed Creek "Wide Awake" he laughed, and turned to me and sadi really seriously... "You like all that romance smutty stuff? Really? That's it, thats all I wanna know." Then they got Charrley to call me My Girl- he always called me My Lie, or Mine. How equally cute and Annoying at the same time.

At 12, I kind of got dragged back to my place, by Eric. He wanted to ware clothes that were his. Yup so after today, pretty much he is never leaving to go home, EVER! I hate seeing that crap, I hate it when he is all sad and broken. I hate his dad, I HATE my Fucking casted hand, and my fucking walking cast for my fucking foot, be I can't fucking run or dodge with the fucker on. I HATE IT. Every peice of it. Okay, whoa I am going to go. I'll Probably post again later because I can garentee that I won't take those stupid loopy pills and I won't be able to sleep, I will want to watch Eric sleep, to make sure he is okay.