Thursday, March 5, 2009


Okay, today I am going to start re-reading THE HOST by Stephenie Meyer. It is one of my favorites. It is my favorite book by Stephenie Meyer, she really can change completely for the story, from Flamably Awesome Vamps to Souls... Luv U Steph!

Yesterday I finished PLUM SPOOKY for the 10th time. It is a great one from Janet Evanovich. I love the Deisel and Steph relationship! It's so funny. I also read the first chapter of FINGER LICKIN' FIFTEEN posted on Janet's Website. I won't spoiler anything, but OME! The first page of the first chapter something REALLY REALLY bad happens to Lula... REALLY REALLY bad also makes for VERY VERY funny. The whole section is hilarious, and totally Stephenie. I just have one thing to say that was in the preview... Stupid Peanut Butter!

All in all not a bad morning, woke up at 4 freakin' O'clock, turned on the TV-god forbid I miss Gargoyles- and set to writing the next few pages of a story I got in my head that took the biggest freakin' turn and I have to re-work EVERYTHING! So as Janet says on her website I will "Stare at the computer screen until something appears." HAHA, If only it were that easy, the words for what happens come harder than what is going on.

This would be my favorite Twilight Promo Pic.
Isn't he Hot?Rob is Really hot... there is no ?
His finger kinda look like he was playin' in the
dirt just before the picture was taken though.

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