Sunday, March 15, 2009

Woot! The Twilight Saga's NEW MOON

SO, The Twilight Saga's New Moon to start filming Monday? As in TOMORROW? OH YAY! I'm really excited!

So, I don't have the link because my stupid old as Edward computer won't open another Internet Explorer, but Rob did an Interview where he talked about his movie Little Ashes. He said that it was akward to film the gay sex scenes since there were lots of people who spoke a different language laughing and gigglin'. I think I would either mentally die or laugh my a$$ off if I was there, Not to mention be EXTREMLY uncomfortable. So to add another Rob to my list of Robs NOT to meet: Meeting a naked Rob... No Wait, hmmm, no meeting a naked Rob while a bunch of spanish people are gigglin' and there are lots of camera's around. :D

TODAY FOR LIE: Go to Community Theater. Audition for a part in their 'A Salute to Broadway' Why oh why did I have to insist on this? I am almost freaking out. Almost. GAH! I freaked out this morning when I woke up, then I couldn't decide what to wear. :( I never worry about this stuff. Acting before was always just a fun thing with a bunch of my friends for me and them. I am going into the Theater blind! I dunno what song their doing, I don't know the people here. So this is the ultamite 'for me' acting thing I have ever done. PLUS I haven't ever sang on stage before, so that'll be weird. I hardly ever sing anywhere outside my bedroom.

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