Thursday, March 26, 2009

Who should play the Bad Vamps? My horrible night

Okay, so we know who is going to play the wolf-y pack. We know who is gonna play Jane. But who will play the awesomely bad Italians? Who's gonna be Dakota's Twin brother? What about Aro Ciaus and Marcus? I don't like the Idea of them being played by older-ish guys. They were young when they were turned wern't they? How can they be OLD? I think we need to hear some of Summit's choices, because with filming going on right now, you know they know who they want for those baddy roles.

In light of my recent luck, I am now forbade from going anywhere alone. Between Eric and my brother (Who E is paying) I can't even go outside and SIT on the ground. Paranoid much? What is a huge tree going to pick the tiny 2x2 square I sit in? Probably. Well, because of this Eric is going with Me to Play Practice tonight. How much fun! He can help me build the set. and he can watch me pick out my coustume. He can yell at me when I smash my thumb with a hammer. And then he can yell at me for almost getting plastered by a passing truck getting back into the Van.
Yay Me. See Eric is great, but Holy Wow, Seriously he needs to calm down. If I was gonna die, I would die and he couldn't change it. Also 'Living' with Eric isn't weird like I thought it would be. I mean I HATE wakeing up to *Manstretch* "Good morning Star Shine!" *Manstretch* *groansitupscratchstretchagain* "Are you awake?" (I wish I could yell "YES! I am awake, I have been awake for hours! The DOG decided he needed a Pillow and you SNORE!" What I really said "No, I am not awake, go stretch somewhere else and take the damn dog") Yes my buddies, Eirc is staying over for my brother Party. And Yes my buddies my Mother Knows that he slept in my room. And no My Buddies, specifically Nathan, We didn't do anything Edward and Bella didn't do before they were married. I mean Jeezz, my MOM is downstairs, Okay Nate? STOP ASKING!

How my night went last night:

See, My Dog is part Blood hound Part Black Lab Part Stupid and All Love-y dove-y. He usually sleeps on my chest. Bam (The dog) Does not like Eric (The Boyfriend). Eric Splet next to me last night, so Bam kept wedgeing himself between us. Finally at like 2 in the morning Bam gave up and decided to Smother me at the same time that I became Erics Teddy Bear. I'll say it now, I do not like to cuddle when I am trying to sleep. I can't sleep and cuddle. It's to hot, and then when you add in a 120 lbs dog pressed aginst you and that your room has no A/C cuddleing pretty much FLYS out the window. But Oh no, I was in the middle of a Bam and Eric Sandwhich. In the daytime, Cuddeling with Bam is great, In the day time Cuddeling with Eric is great. But even in the daytime, being SMOOSHED between Bam and Eric just plain ol' SUCKS!
So, now it's 3 in the morning I can't breathe and It is hot as Hel.... It's hot What do you do? Kick the closed thing/person to you and yell at them to move. Wanna know how that went? BAD! I kicked E in the Shins and he only half woke up and then Bam got mad and smooshed me further into E and into the floor.

Tonights solution: Send Bam to sleep with brother... Problem with this, my brothers friend is afraid of Poodles, I don't know if he can handel a 100 plus poud dog. Hehehe, Oh yeah: and Buy a fan.

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