Friday, March 20, 2009


(There are some pic at the end. Not many, and you've probly seen them.)
Okay you remember the Twilight disease? Twilight Syndrome, well It goes farther than just saying or writing most things twilight, I have been trying VERY hard NOT to go to stores where I know there will be things with Twilight On them (Wal-mart, The mall, well anywhere really.) BUT I had to have the Directors Notebook. HAD TO! So Eric said he would take me to Wal mart and he would go in and buy it so I didn't start compulseivly start putting everything twilight In the cart. It didn't work, he took to long and I went in. Wanna know what was right inside the door? Edwards Cardboard stand up, so I already have one, this one faced toe other direction he's have looked great on the oppisite side of Captin Jack. Right? Then not 15 feet from the door, was the motherload. Everything(Except for Rob or Kellen or Jackson.... well the real people) Twilight. Shirts pants gloves scarves even underware with Edward on them! Yea so Edward on your butt would be weird but who cares? Then I saw the game. I nearly had a heart attack and while I was looking E came over and escorted me out of the store. I didn't buy anything 'cept the book. Now I really need to be careful I don't wanna spend all my $ on Twilight but I really can't help myself. lol
Holy Jasper guys, The Twilight DVD is only hours away! well ok so, here it's only 8 in the morning and the release parties start around like 9 or 10, so 12 hours. I don't know if I can wait that long! It seems like the clock is going to S--L--O--W. Plus I still have to ask to 'borrow' the car tonight to go straight to the mall, and not stop on the way. That is No Problem, I'll just have to meet E there, wait! How in the Esme am I going to get him to go to the mall so he can be there when I get my DVD and have a heart attack over another guy? AND make him watch the DVD with me. (he saw the movie 3 times in theaters) GAH!!!! MEN, Stubborn and Sometimes Stupid. (Stupid isn't a bad word is it? What kinda Twilight thing can I say for it if it is?)
In honor of tonight I am having a McDonalds Breakfast with Coffee, and A Reese cup. I haven't eatin' anything like this for a while. I usually have a yougart for Breakfast, a Salad for lunch, and for Dinner I am usually at Practice, but when I am at home I have maybe a banana(thank Esme for that *Emmett* song or I'd never get that right) or Apple and maybe a little of what ever I made. Yup. I have to actually MAKE myself eat I'm not really ever hungry. My Dr. said It's some kind of head thing I dunno. One time I didn't eat for like 6 days and I didn't notice, thats why I went to the Dr. My mom, again, thought I was fakeing it. Trying to Starve myself. Nope, Honestly I didn't even notice.

What am I going to do ALL DAY? Probably fret about my old 'friend' deciding that E isn't good enough for me. Yup I think I am on to something there. HA! Maybe I will try to forget Twilight and Re-read some Janet Evanovich or Harry Potter. No, I'll end up with my massive- It's 3 feet Diameter- Clock to my left and a stack of the Twilight Books to my right. My Posters (all of the Twilight ones- he he gifts, noone ever knows what to get me so last x-mas I said "ANYTHING Twilight." Well that turned into EVERYTHING Twilight. My whole room is full of posters and Tote Bags, custom shirts, pants and good Alice everything. I swear, I could dress in all twilight related stuff for almost 2 weeks without doing laundry. I have more shirts that say "Twilight" than normal shirts.

So, Twilight Directors Notebook. It's pretty cool. Some of the words are right on the inner margin and you gotta open the book REALLY wide to read them, I like the way the hand writing looks and It gives the book a little more intamicy (yea I no SP). It is really fun. Now, It annoys the heck out of me because it's half a centimeter shorter than the Twilight Series. So I put it with them and it looks lopsided. O for the love of Edward.
So After all that, some awsome pictures of awsome thing. For Awesome people. Awesome.
I don't know why but this is still my fav.
The DVD cover for the 2 disc.

The Cover of the Twilight Directors Notebook.
Duh. It says so.
Holy Edawrd, He is REALLY HOT Here. Maybe
it's the Vamp Teeth thing I don't know.
They are both really Hot here. Ya I just said a girl
was hot, what of it? Who's to say she isn't? Seriously.

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