Monday, March 9, 2009

Twilight-ish News and my thoughts on Names

So, lists the name Renesmee as a name. Is it really all that suprisein' seriously? I mean she is a MAJOR character in a best selling YA novel that crosses into the adult audiunce. It kind of makes sence. For it to be listed on some name websites, isn't just for parents naming their kids. How many of you looked up your own name there? Or a friends name for the meaning? How many writers have used the site to either look up the meaning of a name or to dare I say it name a character for the meaning?

I think the name fits with the CHARACTER. In the story it works, but in any real and true form- as in "Honey, I'm going to have a baby girl and we are naming her Renesmee!"-It DOES NOT work. (No Offence if you did name your daughter Renesme, it is a cute name, but not for real life. Kinda like the Celeb Baby Names. For a list of strange Celeb Baby names CLICKY. My favorites are the thrid under M and the second to last under M. Sorry Babies.)

The meaning is a big DUH - Here is why:
Renee` = Reborn + Esme = Loved - Therefore Renesmee = Reborn and loved

This formula also works with other names, want some examples?
Neeolona = New Light. Why? Neeo (Neo)=New and Lona=Light
Cainadie = A Nobel Craftsmen. Why? Cain = Craftsmen and Adie = Nobel

I like to play with names I think if I ever have a girl I would name her Cainadie (CANE-ADD-Y) if I have a boy I really like the names Caden and Carlisle. So my top 4-2 girls 2 boys-kids names. The names after the - are alt middle names, I don't know which I like best. I'm most unsure of Charrley's middle name. I'm most positive about Carlisle

1G. Cainadie Esme-Angel
1B. Caden Emmett-Rayne
2G.Charrley Evangeline-Evan-Ever
2B. Carlisle Ehren (Alt spelling of Aaron)

Okay, I'll post again later today, SEE you then.

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