Friday, March 20, 2009

Twilight Emergency Still in Effect. I have a "Alice" alert out on it right now and it's not turning up anything. Of course, It would also helf If the searchers wern't Stuffed Animals and MY dog Mutu(Moo-Two) or as I call hime Bamzoni Done Noxville :) He's part Blood hound so maybe he can help, he is also part black lab and part stupid... but I love the big fat oaf. (He's almost 120 lbs. and over 3.5 feet tall on all fours. He seems to think he fits on your lap as well... That is where the part stupid somes in) I love Him though He is my Bam... Also I love him because he was a FREE puppy, well now looking back I should have dished out the 400$ for the Cutz-y little pure breed puppy Buying dog food is awful... HE EATS EVERYTHING! Like Stephanie Plum's (Number Series-Janet Evanovich) Bob Dog. He sleeps ontop on my chest, then (Only if the suns out... he is kindof afraid of clouds, trees(and since we live in the woods it's funny) Bunny Rabbits, Squirls, well Pretty Much EVERYTHING) He goes ouside uses the steps we have to climb onto the trampoline (young people cant climb up anymore? when I was 5 I had to climb onto the thing with out steps) and plops down to go to sleep until he gets hungry. Sometimes he bounces on the Trampoline *Note you shouldn't abbrevate that Tramp...* It's cute.

Just so you know no pet is ever Free, theres shots and food and treats and toys the list is endless.

I wrote this. About 10 min ago.

Tell me you love me
Take care of baby
Don't be afraid
Of anything
I will watch over you
I will take care of you
Please don't fight with me
Thats not what he needs to see
Make me a prmoise
Say that'll stay safe
Not to be obnoxious
but thats all okay
Do you want me
to sing you to sleep?
All the while your screamin'
Lies, don't leave me
you know you need me
I will be there for
I'll do what ever you
want me to
Darling I will be there for you
I yell I don't want you
I don't need you
Stay with her.
She's what you wanted
Stay with her
She's what you got yeah
Stay with her
Stay with your, baby.
I know what it'd feels like to lose her
You'll want every minute
So good bye
You asked Is this forever?
My reply Yes, this is forever
I know you love her
I know you love me too
I know you think you need me
but I'm just like a drug for you
I will always love you.

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