Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Twifessions posted this earlier... I think it is really gross and creepy... and are wombs suppoed to be that egg like? Did Nessie hatch? Seriously? Her WOMB? Why not her heart? A lion and a lamb? Why in the hell? what would inspire someone to make this? (sorry for person who made this if you read this) I think that Womb replica's shouldn;t be made for characters in books or movies... They should ALWAYS be anonymous replica's and they should ONLY be for like hospitals and doctor's oddices next to the creepy sexual organ replicas... or to educate... THIS IS NOT EDUCATIONAL OR RIGHT. IT'S NOT FUNNY, IT IS ACTUALLY KIND OF OFFENCIVE. I am mildly offended by this


  1. Ew!! haha. I saw this before, it's gross. Thanks for visiting my blog -- I haven't had time to update my affiliates yet but I will this week at some point. :-)