Sunday, March 8, 2009


So I went to the bookstore today, Thinking 'I am going to have to replace Fearless Fourteen by Janet Evanovich.' Well I got to the store and my eyes buldged so far out I might have had to pick them up off the floor. They wanted 30$ for a book that's more then 6months old! So I bought a book that costed less then 6$ (I'm a little poor at the moment) It's called HAVOC by Jack DuBurl. I read the first few chapters it is pretty good book, I don't know yet though.
No old ladies chased me today but tonight, My sometimes Boyfriend is going to take me out to dinner.-2 N's?-
So, my little sister, whilst comparing Eric to Edward's Sparkely-ness reveled that... Lie has a tattoo, to my mother. (She also wrecked a tiny Edward and erased my plans for almost a week at the same time) So today my mother, who had not seen the tattoo herself yet because she refused point blank, saw my tattoo. It says "My Man Sparkles" It's in a blod twilight-y text and has sparkels in the lettering. *Hits self in head for dropping her camera out of the boat* Well It is really small-ish and under/across the inside of my right ankel. Seriously, It can be covered with a sock, or shoe. Or even mistaken for a mark I accidently made. It's not what I was originally going to get but the " " I want is a little pricy... So my mom looks at my ankel and as says something to the effect of "OMFPEC! I cannot believe you would defile your body that way." Okay so she really didn't say OMFPEC but, hey....

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