Saturday, March 7, 2009

Today I have the abridged version of a story for you.

Guess what? *OMFPEC!* So I stayed over at my older brothers house last night and he was drinking some beer, well he didn't have a bottle opener... so ge used a butter knife. After about 3 beers I discovered, attached to the front of his automatic can opener, a bottle opener. He is such an Idiot. I couldn't stop laughing at him! I was reading him the story I was writing because he wanted to hear it and didn't think he's be able to read after ONE HALF of a beer.
*Oh My Freaking Pocket Edward Cullen* Please let it be shown that I- Lie- Am the first person to say OMFPEC! I also said it in the Comments on LAURENS BITE, one of my favorite Blogs!

Here is how him and I standing in the kitchen with him trying to opening his third beer went:

Me: "I can't believe you don't have an opener"
Him: "I thought these were twist off lids"
Me: "Twist off lids are for P*$$y's"
*I see the opener as he is struggleing with the butter knife because he is slightly tipsy at this point, so I snatch up his unopened beer and use the opener and hand it back in about half a sec*
Him: "What the Hell?"
Me: "B o t t l e O p e n e r, See it works like this." (Speaking the words slowly, drawing out the moment because of all the cussing and groaning that went into the first two beers)

Then I laugh for 20 minutes at him.


Dakota Fanning is for serious going to play JANE! I think this is great. Jane in my head was anything like Dakota, but I think she will be able to pull it off. No she won't just pull it off she will do REALLY REALLY AWESOME! She is 15! She'll be great, looking at her body of work she can deffinatly pull off the role, and she won't over power the lesser known actors just because we know who she is...

She looks so grown up but still child like.
Her face is perfect for the smileing Jane.
Her hair will probaably be dyed dark though
Now who will play her TWIN BROTHER-Alec-?

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