Thursday, March 26, 2009

Spring Break Party:Night numero 2

So, that solution to send the ddoggy over to my brothers room, it didn't work. For these reasons: 1: My brothers friend had a panic-y kaniption fit. 2: Bam howls, and whines-He wanted Mommy (Me)- 3: Eric isn't aloud in Lies room with out the dog. Wanna know why my mommy made this rule? Cuz Bam doesn't like Eric. Bam enjoys tring to take chunks out of my boyfriend when I am not looking. Eric thinks it's funny, but I think Bam sees him as Compitition. Like two siblings fighting over who gets to sit on Mommy's lap. It's them fighting over me... Weird huh? Well so what I love my Overly Possesive Fat Doggy.... HA! Eric is reading over my shoulder, and Bam is trying to shove his way between me and everything I am touching- IE my computer, my Juice Box, my Subway 5 dollar foot long, that I will probably give to Bam- *to nate NATHAN! Jesus, why do you gotta think like that man? And to answer the next question NO!*
Since my room is filled with people/animals reading my blog post, I think I had better go.

^^A note from Eric to Nathan. (Part of an E-mail)
^^^Nathan my friend, since I am currently staying with Lie, I would very much like it if you would STOP asking her such ungentalmanly questions. You're her best friend and I get that, but I, like Bam, (The Dog, C Eric can B funny 2) am overly possesive. I have what is mine and while it is mine BACK THE CRAP OFF! >Regards ^Eric

Eric likes to use arrow's in his E-mails, I think he needs a Blog. I will make him get a Blog. It would be FUN! What would his blog be called? NOT Eric's Blog, It's Boreing....
I thought that the E-mail he sent was Hilarious... This is just the End of it.... The Beggining it was normal then the last paragraph morphed into this possesive thing... Man, Men are CRAZY.

Eric thinks that His blog should be called "Deals with Lies" I am seriouly NOT laughing...But it could be cute... HA Deals 2 Lie Any Ideas?

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