Sunday, March 8, 2009

So, umm I wrote this, I dunno if anyone will like it.

So I wrote this, yeah it's kinda morbid. I'm sorry if I offend anyone. I wrote it for my best friend who killed himself, He was my everything. I left him, so in turn he left me in a more final way. If you look at it from his perspective, His afterlife is timeless, so if I beleived like him, he would be waiting for me to join him in a place where time neither existes or is needed, so 50 years for me would be nothing for him. His afterlife also is whatever that person would love most, either Family or riches, Love or Hate. This afterlife is whatever you want most in your life. It's a reflection of yourself. Give and Take.

*Note on the line 'Think of our son' No, I do not have a son. It is a referance to something only someone who knows me can understand, but It does refer to a little boy names 'Charrley Cole Jackson*

Please say stay
I need you here
Your last words cut me more deeply
Than the day I told you goodbye
How in the hell could you
Take your self out
Leaving me here alone
Think of our son
Think of your daughter
They'll grow up without a father
How did you feel?
Was it the most fun
They arn't the only ones
Think about her
Think about Wife-y
Think about me
You know I lied to you
Love runs much deeper
Than blood or ashes
Nothing can take that away
You told me you loved
Said you were sorry
And now you are dying
Please don't tell me goodbye
Please Please Baby Lie
Lie to me softly
It's just a bad dream
Tomorrow I'll wake up
In your arms again
It's just a bad dream
Lie to me softly
Promise you didn't die for me
Lie, Lie,
These are the lies 2 tell me.

Maybe if I can find all the words I'll post the lyrics to a song my friends and I did together. I wrote the lyrics and my friend Nathan wrote the music. I won't post the music though. It was called 'Charrley's Lullaby'

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