Thursday, March 12, 2009

So... today was very UNeventful and some rants

Today for me was very normal. I woke up at 4, like always, then at 6 I got my little brothers and sisters ready for school which really only means going into said rooms and shakin' the kid awake because nothing short of Dora the Freakin Explorer, or The Wiggles -btw/side rant I do not like the new Yellow wiggle. I think his name is Paul. I am unhappy with his performance and everything else. Not that I do not like the guy I have nothing aginst him personally, but he took my favorite wiggle away :( I liked Greg He was OMFPEC AWESOME! new wiggle, you are creepy to the max=ish-- okay sorry done... ANYWAY unless said character came in every morining and preformed for them LIVE they would sleep Till just after it's too late for their bus. So after everyone was gone I went back to reading THE HOST for like the 45th time... Then I wrote stuff for my story that turned into absolute crap... Every way I turn and different plot points i add and take away HE FREAKIN DIES! ARG. anyway thats it. Oh, I had to make dinner... I made my awesome Beeftips with Homeade Noodles.. I do not eat them but other do enjoy. I think Tu Morrow I will go to Wal-Mart. No fun links, I will however Tu Morrow have a very link riddles post about how awesome The Host is.... Because If Edward didn't Exist (Or Jacob for that matter) I would Deffinatly go with IAN who I can see cast as a Drew Fuller looking guy, or the guy from Jericho, he is Yum... Like Deisel from The Between the Numbers Novels by Janet Evanovich... I like Books

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