Friday, March 20, 2009

Since I will be living in front of my TV for a while.

So, to sum up the Twilight Release party. Coustume Contest for free movie -2nd place (by 1 vote) with twilight shirt red eyes and short ish crazy red hair.... I was I mix between Alice and Victoria. Then the Triva Contest, It was all about the movie. I won a life size cardboard Cutout of Movie Edward. He is staning in the corner over my shoulder and looking REALLY creepy, but I LOVE HIM! He was FREE. I just finished the comentary It is 3 in the morning. I got a Free tote bag, some Twilight Conversation Hearts (2 of each-1 to open and 1 to keep) I also got a keychain, It rocks. Oh yeah I also bought Cruel Intentions, because you had to buy another DVD to get the Tote bag, and it was the closest to the checkout counter. I should have won the Costume Contest but my Step dad didn't vote for me... How crappy is that- he insists on going then doesn't even vote for me, but I would have felt bad walking away with both prizes. So Now I am going to watch Twilight and try really hard not to think about how Cardboard Movie Edwards eyes pretty much glow in the dark.....

YAYAYAYAYYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYYYA! I Got The DVD! I don't know why but I am still really excited, I thought it would go away after I got through the movie once but it hasn't. I am goinng to go take out my itchy red contacts (3 people asked if my real Eye Color was red. 1 was a girl my age, one girl was 9 and another was a Mom- PLUS people kept looking and pointing at my eyes... Weird-- My reply at first to the Mom and The Little girl was 'NO! my eyes are really steel blue' to the Teen I said 'Yes, my eyes are really red like this, unless i'm thirsty. I drink human blood pretty regular, that is why their red. So, umm whats your blood type?' Then she laughed but almost really took me seriously. Then I talked about Twilight.

The ? that won me CBE (Cardboard Movie Edward) was 'What Lab are bella and edward workig on in biology, specifically?' The other girl said Cell growth. I though *Esme she's right then I thought NO! SPECIFICLY! THE PHASES OF MITOSIS!!!!!!* then I blerted my answer and Won CBE I thinnk I will refer to him as Eddie. I am gonna say my Tiny Edward is not very pleased with me.

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