Friday, March 20, 2009

Ryan said WHAT? And Kellan Has Feet-y PJ's

Okay, first off I think it is great that at least some guys are secure enough to say things like "Rob is the lead but your the better looking Cullen" to other guys. Secondly, I am glad that... Nope I am just glad some guys are secure enough to say another man is good or better looking. Kellan said some really nice thing about Rob too. > INTERVIEW WITH RYAN AND KELLAN

Okay, so Ryan Seacrest is an okay TV show, Radio host. So Ryan Seacrest gets to hang out with all the cool and Hot hollywood stars. BUT did he really think before he said that? Could you Imagine how many 14 and 15 year olds he just angered? Not to mention the older Twilight fan base, who may or may not react the same way? Could you imagine thousands of teen girls sending you hate mail reading something like- "Ryan, Rob is WAY HOTTTER than Kellan. You should go to..." well you get the picture. -actually I don't know what a 14 yr old would write to Ryan. Why? because my hate mode is temporarily out of commission. Why? The Movie comes out TONIGHT!!! AHHH! I feel like screaming, but I don't ever scream.

Now when I think of watching the DVD I feel the need to wear feet-y PJ's, and wear my Snuggie backwards... THIS is my favorite Kellan Interview. It's older-ish. But Hey, If you read something like Edi might go to Lutz's DVD party but he'll leave his PJ's at home. Or That someone Kellan lives with runs around with the flap to their feet-y PJ's open, could you resist reading the artical? Didn't think so.

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