Tuesday, March 24, 2009

:( Really scarry, but I can't really explain it scarry.

SOOOO, I went to walmart and waited while the slowest box opener in the world opened the box full (sortof) of Approching Normal. I waited and tollerated him looking at my boobs. I waited and made small talk. I WAITED and pretended that his 20 minute story about a cat was interesting. Then I had my CD in my hand. at 1 in the morning. SO, YAY CD. Then Mr. Slow Box Opener follows me to the regester. How nice of him. Then because I bought a whole load (2 boxes of peeps, an other Twilight T-shirt, and the CD) he felt the need to help me to my car... Well okay I drive a 12 passenger VAN (Names Glen) So, mentally all I can think is 'okay if I roundhouse him first I need at least 3 seconds to regain a defencive pose or 4 seconds to follow up with another offencive move. I told him I didn't need help 3,000 times. I am a paranoid person, add to that a history where defending myself was a daily thing, and a guy who won't leave me alone and you get a very controlled freaked out girl, ready to open a 10,000 year old can of kick-butt on anyone who tries anything.

So this Mr. Box guy is around 6 feet tall, and maybe 200 lbs of muscal. He was maybe 20 years old. He had freaky eyes, and gave off creepy vibes from across the store. So, he INSISTED on walking me to my car. I analised every freaking thing he did, and of course I parked in the dark back part of the parking lot. Yeah, that's who I am. The park in the dark in the back of the lot girl... Half way to my car he reached his hand toward me, his hand was fisted and moving to swiftly to be interprited anyway but violent.... I dropped my bags and roundhoused him in the face. I regained my stance in record time, ready for almost anything. He stayed down, on his hands and knees. He said something like ' I think you broke my JAW!' and I held my stance. cuz if he wasn't gonna do anything before he might now. Well then the Wal mart Rent a cops came out. and cuffed Mr. Box and took my statement.

Apparently Mr. Box had a history of assault and battery. He also had a warrent for a pending rape charge. How freaky is that? I mean, Jesus what if I didn't kick him? What if he hurt me before I had the chance to defend myself or scream? So, at 4 in the morning, when I was allowed to leave Walmart, I had to call Eric because The cops and Rent a cops didn't think I should drive. So E drove up in his pick up, and he looked ready to kill somebody. I thought of twilight in that moment and I laughed. Outloud for a LONG time. So, now that I am offically crazy, and HORRIBLY UNLUCKY I decided to listen to my CD. Well guess what? It won't play... And I am forbid to return to walmart, or to leave my house without Eric. So Eric went to get me a different copy of Blue Octobers new CD. My Mom, was mad because I broke Curfew and didn't call. She didn't seem to worried I could have been brutily raped, or beaten, or worse.

SOO, because of my awesome bad luck my brother is haveing a man-sleepover/Spring Break Party. With 1 of his friends and Eric (They really are friends). Man sleepovers kinda freak me out though, but my mom is fine with that. I am even allowed to play the man sleepover games and watch the man sleepover movies. But Eric is going to watch Twilight with me tonight :) OMFPEC!!! He has my CD, I have to go because I wanna listen to it with Eric, and I have to play pin the bikini on the Supermodel (If it was my party, we'd play strip poker or beer pong, and we'd probly UN-dress the supermodel, but hey... I get to spend the night with my bf so, Who give a flying Fu..... Who cares?)

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