Friday, March 20, 2009

Really Bad News, Alice Alert over :(

The good news is I found my Twilight book, the bad news almost half of it is in my mom's doggy's tummy. HE ATE MY BOOK! My twilight book is half eated :( I really almost cried when I saw him eating it in the yard, then I chased him around the outside of the house for half an hour. I usually run on Tuesday's and Thursday's and Saturday's. I ran 3 Miles yesterday, nbd. I don't run on fridays because I always make up a holiday for fridays, Wednesdays I don't run cuz i need a break and Monday is self explainitory I am not a Monday person. I run about 3 miles when I run. In the winter I run 2 Mi. on a treadmill and Do 5 extra push ups sit ups and pull ups... yup. ANYWAY! So I chased the dog then I turned around and headed him off right, and I dove tackled him. On the 15x15 square of concret that is in our 2 acer yard... That's where we met up, he didn't get hurt. Unfortunaly, I think I broke my right pinky finger. I am haveing a lot of accidents lately, I fall, I crash a bike to save peter rabbit I crack a bone pogo sticking, I have a little tiny crack in my middle finger knuckel from punching a dud... tree, and now i broke my finger... Talk about Karma... I didn't even do anything mean or bad...

Anyway so, the Really bad news is my Step-Dad has decided that it would be fun to go to the mall to get my Twilight DVD with me... MY STEP DAD! Is going to take me to the mall to get a movie at midnight..... How akward, well really it's not that bad, but that means Eric can't come.

You see, there was an incident with a Dirt bike, and Eric, and It resulted in me cracking a bone in my foot... It made the crack in my ankel bone deeper too... Well at least it didn't break my Ankel... It was my fault, I stalled the bike tring to shift and turn and avoid a bunny at the same time... I didn't wanna hit the bunny for 2 reasons 1. Eww, bunny guts 2. I would have felt bad.
So, Now I either see E at my house or not at all. Fun right? YUP. Lots of fun...

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