Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Post Number One : BAD FREAKIN' DAY

Well, today I had a crap day. Do you wanna know what happened today? Well I'm ganna tell you anyways! I got up to get my brothers and sisters on the bus to school. Not a bad start, then I went back to my hobbit hole, I.. I mean my room, to type up some of the Idea that poped into my head at 2 am. So I open my laptop and try to type out the title onto word, then tragity struck, The Title was "New Point of View: Mikkiey's Past." The Freakin' button on my keyboard flew up when I typed it and it proceded to hit me straight in the EYE BALL! then as I screamed and cussed in suprise I knocked my bottle of water all over my notebook where I keep my Ideas and my Story's... That was all before 8 O'clock.

So to ease my pain, and irratation at my own clumsyness I Started to read Twilight for the 200th time. Then a new Idea struck me, I wanted to write a blog where I read a book and then give it a review, not a Chapter by Chapter thing, but a rundown of what I read. Then I decided I would also add losts of who's its and what's its. Like LOTS about my love affair with a certain Vampire Named EDWARD CULLEN! But the Completely twilight related blog scene is a little bit done so I thought that I would also throw in other fun stuff.

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  1. :) I needed to feel loved so I posted a commet myself. LOL