Friday, March 27, 2009


Lol, so last night I managed to get some sleep. I woke up all contorted and uncomfortable smooshed between two things I love though. (My dog and my BF). I am gonna try not to get all mush-y with this post, but it might and I appologize for that.

My wake up call at 7 AM: Bam (Dog) licking my face. I was unhappy. I was uncomfortable. And I was hot. I rolled over and faced Eric, who was already awake. He said "Good morning Star Shine. Did you sleep better?" He seemed like he was thinking about somehting serious and that made me nervous... Then Bam ate some of my hair, and slobbered all over half my face... How sexy is that? Well, Eric got up and went downstairs without a 'see you in a few' or 'be right back' or any kind of anything. I took a shower and stepped out of the Shower to a note hanging from my Pull up bar. It read "Babe, didn't want to bother you. Meet me in our spot?" - our spot is a vine-y archway with a huge tree behind it in the woods by my house.

At 8:30 I headed outside to go to the spot. I was nervous and shake-y and scared because E was so Stoic this morning. I don't know why, but I was. So I amde it to the spot and found a Note tied to the Tree. It said "Babe, it took you forever to get here. Turn around." So I complied and turned around... I saw Eric standing about 20 yards away, and I freaked All I could think was, great he is gonna break up with me. I didn't want him to do that. We have been together for a year and a half (since sept. of 2007). Mikkiey my best friend and ex BF and pretty much my Everything since birth killed himself about 6months after E and I got together, and Eric was there and he watched me tear myself apart for another guy and he stayed with me. He is great. So anyway, we're in the woods and he still has his serious face on. I was freakin out, and I actually cried silently and he was like "Babe! What's wrong?" and I said "You made me walk all the way here by myself and your being so distant and now you are gonna break up with me." Then he wrapped his arms aroung me and laughed! HE LAUGHED! He kissed my head and said 'Why would I break up woth you? I brought you out here so I could tell you I love you.' then he got all formal and said it agian using my name. See, he never, before today actually told me he loved me He never said the words. It made since for him and me. I know why, and I am glad he said it today. So after he told me he loved me for the first time. I told him I loved him and that I was mad at him. lol. So he had a picnic set up and we ate some potato salad. and Carrots. I like Carrots. lol. Then we just sat in the woods and talked. He is the Greatest Boyfriend in the world.

I haven't sold him on the blog yet but he got a reply from Nathan today from his threat yesterday... I thought it was funny It's below in RED

Eric- Yes, I fully understand the claim and commitment that you have on Lie. I also understand that you do not like how I treat her. I want you to know, she knows anything mean I say is either the hard truth or a flat out lie. I love her, but respect her enough to let her see me as her big brother and you as her boyfriend. Now, umm I would like you to know that if she was my Girlfriend I would have told her how I felt and not barreled it at her friend. Also, I would have made it more bases than you if it were a baseball game. -Your best pal- Nathan

What assholes. Talk about me like property, and then Nate thinking that he would have gottena home run by now... NO ONE gets to go all the way home until I am Married. And getting married IS NOT allowed to be rushed forward so that anyone can make it all the way around the bases if ya know what I mean... I have been there done that and It just causes more problems htan it solves. PLUS I am only 18 years old. I have my whole life for that.

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