Monday, March 30, 2009

Oh. My. God.

Okay-dokey. So, did I post that I made Eric read me "Wide Awake" or did he? Well anyway, It was FUCKING great... Now though, to my annoyance I am no longer LIE I am refered to solely as 'My girl'... and Eric says the 'f' word all the time while he reads so he is happy. It got weird when he was Mid-sentence, and my brother walked into my room for "And I just wanted to thrust into her hips." Great right? We wasis all covered up in my blanke-y, and my stuffed anaimal had stuffing in their ears, and then my brother made it all weird... My bro was like, "Excuse me? You wanna do what? NO! DO NOT ANSWER!" and he put his fingers in his ears and LA-LA-LAed his way back out of the room. He also walk in when E was reading the scene where they were in the meadow for the 2nd time. YUP. SHE HAS TO FINISH IT!!!! I NEED THE ENDING! Eric seconds the notion of an ending because he says that when I am Loopy and bored it is worse then Jimmy Neutron's "I'm loopey" dance/song AND Spongebob Squarepants' "I'm ready!" Mixed together.

WELL FINE! lol... Seriously thought, She could just change the names, and maybe the FORKS location, and she has got herself a freaking rockin' Romance Novel.



  1. OMG that is hilarious that someone would walk in while reading that part. I F-ing LOVE Wide Awake! ugh! Its so fantastically awesome! I am realllllllllly hoping she posts this week. I saw her comment today on how she is going to post 45-47 all at the same time! WOOT!

  2. Did you follow the link from my blog??? That story fucking rocks! I am all for the free use of Fuck!