Saturday, March 28, 2009

Not to exciting 'cept I almost got squished.

So, tonight is the last night of the awesome Spring Break Party, that my brother has had... Really it was 2 of hisfriends (1 of which is my boyfriend) staying over all week pretty much. lol. So tonight isn't the last night Eric is staying at my house though... See his dad is a really bad guy, and he is going to visit his brothers on monday, so Eric is staying over till then... I am really freaked about his dad, he gives off creepy vibes, and he enjoys beating on people. So, now that thats out of the way,

Enough drama, ya know when it is that time of the month and ya feel reallly crabby, and bloated? I hate it... I feel all Icky, the good news? It only is a few days a month and it gives me an excuse to snap at people. I told you that to twll you this, Eric was outside with my brother on my bros' pogo stick... It started to lightning and thunder and rain ad they stayed outside... I walked outside to complain at my brother and my boyfriend jokeingly. Well when Accident prone Lie stepped off the porch and walked over to them a huge freaking branch broke off a tree and seriously landed less than a foot away from me. I didn't scream, I usually don't do that. I froze and assesed everyother tree in sight. Eric Freaked. He said i was never allowed to leave the house ever again, which made me mad... he could go outside and pogostick with my bro and I would what watch from the window? Uh-uh... Well, anyway, then we got in a fight... but he ended the fight pretty awesomely... Well it all worked out because now I am eating Icecream and Cuddeling with my Moo-Moo, my doggy(Bam), my Eric and my laptop.... And now we are going to watch some action movie because E said no twilight movie again. I think it's the transporter. but anyway, right now I feel pretty good considering.

Have you guys ever played Bullshit? ya know you hand out some cards then lay down a card or two and ame them then if somebody thinks you lied they say bull and flip the cards you laid. If you didn't lie then they take the pile, if you did then you take the pile... game continues until some has no cards. Well I like the game, I rock at the game. Nobody will play the game with me.

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