Saturday, March 14, 2009

My Non Twilight Weekend- Stan the Mini Van Memorial

So, Friday my step brother and his wife came over to "Steal" me to "babysit" which really means that Lie was going over to their house to laugh and hang out after the kids went to sleep. YAY out of the house. We watched some Movies, Wild Hogs and then Unbreakable, and then since he had challenged me to a completely NON-TWILIGHT 2 days (Friday and Saturday) I wasn't allowed to watch the 4th Harry Potter movie because of Edward. So we watched the 1st one. :) I sprouted of lots of fun-facts about Harry Potter and Just comon knowledge stuff because I was bored, but everytime I started to sy a fact about anything twilight he took a dollar from me... I started out with 25$ and If I stayed Twilight Free for the duration of my stay I could keep it. I slipped up a few times. I had 19.50 when I left his house.


So My mom called at around 11:30 this morning. She wanted me to come home early so she could go too the DMV. I agreed and we left his house at Just before noon. When we got to the road I live on I saw a new black mini van in the ditch. We had just bought a new blsck mini van. Mom didn't wait for Lie. She crashed the 3 day old mini van into the ditch. Poor Poor Stan the Mini Van... Well as we passed it i said to my brother "Oh God! Thats not ours, right?" and he looked and said "I really F---ing hope not." Then we passed my Mom and Littlest sister walking to the house... In my head *Oh, F---! I'm dead, i'm dead. I sould have called My brother out for the outragous lie they told to "steal" me. No, not that I should have come home sooner...* What I said "Are you ok? Tell me you got a plate number." Then I almost had the biggest panick attack in the history of me. I wasn't freaking because they crashed or how mad people would get, I don't really know what triggered it but I was freaking out because of everything I had lost. It really hit in that second that I wouldn't ever see Mikkiey again. Great timing right? I have a great guy now, hell i'm still a Kid pretty much, but My head played the phone call that I had with Mik saying Please Stay, Knowing he would hate me for leaving him again. I replayed the frantic call of my best friend Nathan, and then the time when Nate dropped the phone and tried to save Mikkiey. I heard everything in perfect clarity. I had to rehear my Everythings last minutes, and what he said to me. How perfect... Now since explaining that would make me sound crazy to my Mother I will just let them think i'm angry... My Brother and his wife seem to be the olny ones concerned that I bottled up a huge panic attack... They say I should just let go. Not gonna happen by now this would be a full blown call 911 she ain't breathing she needs sedated panic attack. I don't want that to happen: 1 for me, It sucks 2 for my little brothers and sister because being driven away in an ambulance would scare the heck out of them 3 My Mother thinks I fake them. Nice huh?

Guess what I did to feel better? I totally read Twilight. Already today. And all the best parts in the other three books... I deffinatly cheated on my no twilight diet... ;) Yup and I am happy I did.!

Fortunatly everyone is fine, 'cept maybe me, but I've lived through worse.

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