Friday, March 27, 2009

My Mad Poker Skills

Hello... It has been said that I cheat at poker. Since some of my friends read this blog and play poker with me I feel that it is important for me to say I DO NOT cheat at poker. I have a boss poker face, and I act on stage for fun. This is why I am the MASTER of fake emotion. Also the master of cheezy emotion.
People have a tell. Everyone does. Eric scratches his left wrist when he lies. Nathan's left eye twitches when he is nervous. Everyone has one. So my Poker advice? Learn peoples tells, and learn your own so you can fake it. Always Cheezy up any emotion showed on the feild.

Lets just say I did cheat at poker, I would have to have AWESOME hand Eye coordination. and be pretty skilled at slight of hand. I can make a coin appear behind kids ear, but that's as far as my slight of hand goes. I have horrible hand eye coordination. So, I do not cheat. I LIE, Hence the name guys, how else did I get it? Actually I have always been called Lie, but hey it fits me.

So I was checkin out some random blogs today and found some funny ones, I don't remember who's they were but I left some Comments as Anonymous and signed with my blog address and name.

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  1. you visited my site. I see you are a fellow Twicrack addict. Nice to met you