Sunday, March 22, 2009

I figured it out! + A book

Okay, so Movie Edwards hair. It reminded me of someone. I couldn't figure out who though and it has driven me to within an inch of whats left of my sanity.
Think about Movie Edwards hair.....
Right? See how it looks?
(Sorry Kristen's Head,
you just didn't fit)
Now compare it to David Boreanaz.
(From the Buffy/Angel time)
Do you see what i'm getting at? Their hair is pretty much the same... Well Edwards is a different color but the sytle and cut, the length. JEEZ... I couldn't figure it out, It could just all be in my head though. Thought you should know.
PS- Lately-ish I have been reading James Patterson's Maximum Ride Series and it is really good. It's about... you know what, describing this story is like describing Twilight -Vampire falls in love with human- Maximum Ride - Brid Kids try to save the world.... Well It is actually a good series, I laughed and felt for the characters, so I give the series a 4 outta 5. :)

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