Friday, March 27, 2009

:( Holy freaking god it is hot, AND TWILIGHT!!!

OKAY! Guess what? It is ten million degrees in my room. Wanna know why? Because my mom has the fire place on downstairs.
Bamzoni is snoring louder than a chainsaw, and Eric is really cute when he sleeps. His blog is cute too, but that probly cuz it is about me so far... He keeps scooting closer to me in his sleep, If it was cold that would be great, but I seriously could mix up the stuff for cake, sit the cake pan in the middle of my room, then in 30 minutes, I would have cake... a cooked cake. Man cake sounds good now, stupid food analogies. It is that hot, PLUS I can't sleep without my Moo-Moo, (he is my stuffed cow) and Moo-Moo is stuck under Eric's body! Eric smooshin my Moo-Moo!!! Well I guess I an Gonna Plug in the other fan, and cuddle with E because seriously I couldn't get any more hot. I wish it was cold.

On to twilight... haha, So Now that I for sure know every single line in both the Movie and Commentary, I thought that it would be fun to check out some Twilight/ New Moon News. I got alot of the same stuff as usual. THEN I FOUND the dumbest website, It's so dumb I won't even put a link to it. Really I lost the Link but anyway. This site was dedicated to Robert Pattinson's Stink... It was all about how he freakin smells... Some parts said he smelled yummy some parts said he smelled offensively bad... SERIOUSLY! I have seen little article about is smell or lack there of, but I have never EVER seen an entire site dedicated to a persons oder... Even PERFUME sites arn't all about perfume....

Also The woman/model/girl they cast for Heidi- She is beautiful! She isn't how I saw Heidi but OMFPEC! She fits the part awesomely!!! I am really excited now.

Thank you for reading my midnight rants

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