Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Hey Guys! My Date....

Hey guys, So I went on a date with my guy tonight. His name is Eric, we've been datein' for about a year. He is the best boyfriend!!! First before I tell you about tonights disaster i'll tell you about a Twilight Themed date he took me on about 3 months ago for my Birthday. REALLY LONG post, tomorrow I'll tell you today's date.

*Goes back in time*
So, It's December 20th, the day before my birthday. It is also a saturday. So I have been obsessed with Twilight for a REALLY long time. For WEEKS Eric kept saying "Your birthday, AHH you'll love it, I wish time would speed up! I just can't wait to see your face." He said it for him, and to taunt me. So I woke up freaking out... Our date started at 1:30... So, he usually drives a little cute Ranger... I love his truck, It's nice. I was expecting it to come pick me up, but no. I saw a silver volvo comming up the drive way, not just any silver volvo, but FREAKING EDWARD CULLENS VOLVO! He rented it for the weekend! It was Movie Edwards Volvo and not the S60R, but Really he rented Eddie's volvo for me...

So I see this Volvo drive up and I'm wareing dark jeans and a dressy-ish top, with sort-of dress up heels. -I'm not a girl who wares dresses and Skirts and REALLY dresses up.- My mom made me wait inside but I usually go outside and throw my arms around him to hug him, and he always kisses the top of my head then he would walk me inside to tell my Step Dad I wouldn't be out late. (I wasn't 18 yet, not that It makes much difference.) So I'm already jumping up and down waiting for him-and the car. He rang the doorbell and it was all snoy-sunny cold out. He was COVERED head to toe -well his face and arms- in sparkels. I screamed and hugged him. He laughed and kissed the top of my head as is custom in front of my parents I DO NOT think my Step-Dad would take well to the make out hello... HAHA

So he washed off the sparkels because he was getting them EVERYWHERE and I insisted because I didn't want the evidince of where his hands may or maynot touch my clothing.... HA. So he opened my door at the car and WOULD NOT tell me where we are going... That didn't bother me that much because he was Edward that day. lol. We listened to the Twilight sound track in the car, then we listened to Claire de Lune (We drove for 30 minutes, he skipped some songs). So my date was already Twilight filled. He pulled off a little road with a bunch of woods all around. He said we had to "Walk a ways through the woods, there IS a path though babe, I promise. Well at least part of the way."

We walk on the path for 10 minutes then hooked off the path for about an hour... in dressy shoes. through the woods. with a still half sparkely boyfriend. on a twilight themed date. IT WAS AWSOME! So, after an hour of walking I see our destination. It was a little meadow with yellow and purple wildflowers. It was beautiful! He had a little picnic set up, with cute little sandwhiches and stuff. We stayed in the Meadow for about an hour and a half then we started back to the car. He carried all of the picnic stuff in a pack that was there. It was about 6 o'clock when we got back to the car. So It was a little bit dark. He said there was a couple mosr stops for us to make. I was all ready completely happy with what he had set up... and there was more?

For the Next stop we went to see Twilight AGAIN! I love Him so so so much for that. It was like my 11th time seeing it and he had gone with me once before with a groupe but had to leave because his mom needed to be picked up from the airport. :( So we saw Twilight and left the Theatre at a little befor 9 o'clock. Normally I'd have to be home at 9:30 with him but it was my 18th birthday and as long as I came home before sunrise I was in the clear... lol.

Well for the NEXT part of the date we were still a little early, so we grabbed some Micky-D's (McDonalds -sp?-) and then drove to the Communtiy theature in the town I loive in. I was like OMFPE, what are we doing here? There is also a small Ballet studio in the back of the theature. ;) He walked me through the doors and as I imagined, to the Studio. There was a little lighted gezebo there and a stereo. He started the music and we danced for an hour... it was about 10:30 when we stopped danccing and he asked how he was doing with the date. I thought I was going to CRY really I did. Then I tear did fall down my cheek and I said "Perfect, you are perfect... My Perfect" He smiled at that and said that there was still one more thing before he took me home and it was outside, and it might take some time so he pulled out a really long winter coat for me and it's mans copy... We walked outside and climbed the escape ladder to the roof, where there was some blankey's laid down so we could look at the stars and a little tiny table with TONS AND TONS of candles with Mushroom Ravioli... It was still warm too... We ate and looked at the stars until after midnight then, In the Middle of a pretty leading kiss that I was about to break off my phone rang... How crappy is that? It's all romantic and everything has gone perfect, and then we kiss and my phone rings, We had kissed before this but this was a nice kiss, slow and building and then, BAM! only it wan't Emeril seasoning food. It was my MOM I answered barely breathing... haha... and the convo i swear went like this "Lie, are you haveing sex?" "What? Mom!! No, we are looking at the stars and it's like 14 degree's outside why would I get naked enough for sex?" "Well If you to do have sex don't forget to wear protection, Lie baby... Please Be Safe." "Jeez mom, I'm going to hang up, I'll be home sometime soon Love you." "Wait, Lie your not gonna have sex? After he planned all that? You just arn't?" Then I hung up. My mood went from Romance to OMFPEC my mom just critisized me for NOT putting out... weird.

He heard most of the convo... He was like so, "We are supposed to do it? Ha, your mom is a crack up. I really Love you Lie but, I'm not ready for that. are you okay with that baby?"
I told him I was totally fine and Not ready for sex either, It has destroyed ALOT in my life and I don't want to loose E. So We talked ofr a while longer and he took jme hime at around 4 O'clock. My Step Dad was just leaving for work and E walked me to the door and Kissed me, we were mid AWESOME kiss when My Step dad stepped putside which neither of us heard and whacked him on the back of his head Gibbs Style.... He said "Hey, how are you two? Did you have fun Lie, He had ellaborate plans, I hope everything went well. And Boy, if I find out your hands, or any part of you got to part of her that underware cover I'll take'em off." For jokes Eric grabbed my @$$ at that moment...

Thank you for Baring with me through my explantion of the BEST date in the HISTORY OF FOREVER!!!!! love ya'll

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