Monday, March 23, 2009

Happy Twilight Monday Night ~ Lie

I spent my weekend watching Twilight, but in-between I also read James Patterson's AWESOME Maximum Ride Series. I seriously went to Book-A-Million and picked up the first book I saw. It was Maximum Ride: The Angel Expiriment. I finished the book 3 hours later, and made a return trip to Books-A-Million to buy the next books in the set -Maximum Ride Shcools out Forever, Maximum Ride Saving the World and other Extreme Sports, & The Final Warning (I didn't hae enough for the newest book call MAX)- So, I read all those, watched Twilight 4,000 times, AND drank more coffee than any person should EVER consume. I haven't slept more than 4 hours since the 20th, and at Midnight I HAVE to go buy Blue October's new album, YAYAY MEE!

I had play practice today. With no sleep and jitter-y to the max with coffee and Twilight withdrawl. We danced A LOT then sang some. I fell down (True to Lie's style) and hurt-ed my left foot. The Dr. ar the Emergency room knows all my information by heart-How freakin' sad is that? Well With the Perscription he gave me, a caffeene let down, and not sleeping for days, after I get my CD I will listen to 'My Never' and then TRY to go to sleep.

PLUS Wolf PACK CAST. Go to Stephenie's Website then to NEW MOON MOVIE to read the exact post... Or I could give you a link to about 4,000 twilight sites that say it too. I am excitedm It is actually really close.

I have a question B4 I go, When Eclipse comes out will it compete with Harry Potter or will the first half of the 7th book's movie (did that make sence?) come out after it? Since Warner Bros. is now callin it HP6 what will 7 be? HP7 part 1 and HP7 Part 2 or HP7-1/2 and HP&-2/2?

**If I post again, it would be because instead of crashing I decided to watch Twilight again. Seriously between Twilight, The Play, and Trips to the book store I think my mom is ready to lop my head off.

(Sorry if none of this makes since they gave me some happy juice -Which I hate- at the hospital. No new brakes at this point, my feet-y muscal tendon thing-y is just pulled. Just e-mail or comment to complain) -

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