Thursday, March 26, 2009

Eric's First Offical Blog Entry

Red is Lie- White is Eric

Hello, TODAY I stayed with Lie all day. We had breakfast this morning. I ate two bowls of cereal. Cocoa Puffs. My favorite. Then around 10 we went down to the lake so that Lie could Fish... She wanted to go out in the boat, but with her luck we both would have drowned. Umm... At Noon I ate 3 cheeseburgers, and then Lie decided it was time for her Thursday Jog. After we jogged we hung out with her brother and his friend, and kicked their butts at poker. I think Lie cheats, not that I am complaining, as long as she is my poker buddy. Then at 6 30 We went to the Comm Theater. Lie picked out her outfit, and colored a Big sign. It rocked. Also, Why do old people walk hunched over? (Edit by Lie: Old people walk hunched over because if they stood up straight their pants would fall down from under their boobs/armpits-No offence) Then Lie drove us back to her place. We ate Fish Sticks, and French fries for din-din. And now I am being forced to write a blog entry about my day... By Lie, my wonderful girlfriend. Okay, scratch that, I am writing this blog entry FOR my Beautiful wonderful Girlfriend, Whom I love Dearly.


(Edit: Jesus God, He is So boreing in words. I wonder why. AND I DO NOT CHEAT AT POKER! I just have mad poker skills. Kinda like I have mad candy detecting powers. Okay, I don't cheat EXACTLY, I just pay attention. Everybody has a Tell, and Pretty much noone can lie to me. I'll explain my mad skills in a post tomorrow... I Really want to go to sleep.)

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