Saturday, March 28, 2009

Eric's Blog, A Stand Against Domestic Violence

Eric's Blog - He is my boyfriend of 1.5 years, recently he has been in a lot of my posts, that would be because he is always here, and now when I need a hug, he is out getting me period munchies... Emm-ett!!! Emmett Emmett Emmett! (that is me cursing because sometimes my little sister reads me blog.)

Eric posted somthing on his blog that he hadn't told me about. Some of it I know but some of it is scarry. He went with my brother to get some Soda and Sancks and I wish he was here so he could give me a hug. :'( I never knew he had it that bad. I really really do. I hope he somes home soon. I think I might really cry when he gets here. I just want to crawl onto his lap and cry on his shoulder. Then some makein' out might be good to, to help cheer me up.

I know there are THOUSANDS of other children in just Indiana who expiriance some type of abuse.

Since he told the world something they didn't know I am going to tell Eric why I know what buttons to push to make his dad backoff. I am going to blog about it.
I was Freshman Year young. I got a boyfriend, who will remain unnamed. He was charming and Sweet to start with. He took me to nice dinners and Movies. He was a sophmore, a year and a half older than me. He was also very abusive, mentally and physically. He liked to beat me, he liked me to be afraid. I learned to BOX. My friends and I used to all the time just for fun, not serious stuff just little taps and jabbs. Sometimes He would decide that a Sparring match wasn't enough for him and just start wailing on me. Others he would decided I did something wrong or cheated on him. He NEVER tried to sexually abuse me in anyway. not that that makes him any better then the people who do, but it matters to me.
What this taught me Most abusers need the same thing, to feel they are in charge, to feel that they have power over the other person or people. They like to be feared. If you show them you arn't afraid they will get really angry, then they will get bored. BUT, this is not always the case!

Some Informative links:
Some people your may know aginst Comestic Abuse
TONS of links about all kinds of abuse from th CDC

From Erics Blog>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
"Take A stand Against Domestic Abuse.
Search Google or Yahoo, read the Statistics.
You will be amazed and appalled.
I am wholely against Domestic Violence."


  1. thats so sad! :( I hope you got to give lots of hugs and kisses to make it all better. (((hugs)))

  2. I posted on Eric's blog, I am a survivor of Sexual and mental abuse. It took me 3 long years of weekly therapy to get to not feel like a victim. He had the power over me all the way until I was 27 years old. I am now 32. That is a long time.

    You should read the series title "A Boy named It"