Friday, March 27, 2009


Hello! I am very excited to tell you that Eric has a blog it is ! See it says: Erics Blog Because Lie Said. Really It's under the blogs that I manage but He is going to be doing the Posting and Stuff! SO YAY ERIC! My Boyfriend has a blog.

Update on the Spring Break Party. My brother went to his friends house durig the day today, but he and his friend came back this evening... Eric would have been allowed to stay if they didn't come back. How weird is that? My mom and step dad were fine with it. At diner before my brother came back this is how the converstaion went:

Step Dad "So Eric, if the boys don't come back are you still staying over?"
Eris "..."
Step Dad "Well, it is okay either way, son. I thought that you might want to stay since you were with Lie most of the time anyway."
Eric"..." *Then we exchaged a worried holy god look*
*my little sister stares in amazement at their strange point of view*
Step Dad To Mom "That's alright isn't it, if he stays?"
Mom "Yes, of course. He can stay anytime he wants."
My brain "Who the hell are these people? Did Mike put Special Sauce in the food... Again?"
My mouth "You were planning on stay wern't you Eric? Because it's just your Dad at home?"
Eric "... I... I... Umm... Yea if... If that's alright."

How weird is that? Well anyway. I don't know what it means though... Maybe it means - Jesus Lie hurry up and move out and live with him already.- or maybe it means they think if we spend all of our time together we would discover that we arn't compatible... Or maybe they really are fine with it. It's not like we're doing anything we shouldn't do. It took a year and a half for HIM to say I love you, we didn't really kiss until our 8th date, which was 2 and a half weeks into the relationship....

Well, umm I am going to watch Twilight with Cardboard Edward and try to get the guys to play Bull*esme* with me... They think I cheat at that too...

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